Saturday, February 28, 2009

Thriftway is closing

You have just three weeks of some probably good sales shopping before Uwajimaya takes over the Thriftway Grocery Store located in the Renton Village Shopping Center. Starting on Sunday, the store hours will be 7 am until 8 pm and all stock is 20% off.
The new owners have a very solid history of providing excellent Asian specialty items as well regular supermarket fare, along with an emphasis on high quality produce, meats and fresh seafood. However, many will miss this store and the staff are having a hard time coming to grips with the sudden lack of employment. Seems you need to speak more than one language to meet the new hiring requirements at the store-to-be. Thriftway carried my favorite soap - guess it's time to stock up.
Renton Village Thriftway (425)226-2830 501 S. Grady Way, Renton
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Photo:Chris G OR/Flickr

Entertainment anyone?

You have exactly one week left to view the Pulitzer Prize winning play, "Lost in Yonkers" about a dysfunctional Mother and daughter who become hosts for their relations (a group of young boys) who are temporarily exiled to Yonkers. Directed by a favorite - Rick May.

Tickets: Adults/$22 and Seniors/Students:$17
Call the ticket office for other discounts.
Sat. Feb. 28/8 pm
Sun. Mar.1/2 pm
Thurs. Mar. 5/7:30 pm
Fri. Mar.6/8 pm
Sat. Mar.7/8 pm
Renton Civic Theater 507 South Third Street (425) - 226 - 5529

Cupcake Alert!

It has been too long - I need to update you on my further cupcake escapades - namely, the creation of a new yummy frosting today. It happened quite by accident. I thought I had some more powdered sugar, but my cupcakes are a demanding sort of lot, and the well had run dry, so to speak. So, I improvised - and the frosting was quite a hit. Here it is, in all of it's simplicity:

Delicious Chocolate Frosting
1 cube of butter, softened
1 - 8 oz pkg of cream cheese, softened
1 tsp of vanilla
1/4 cup cocoa powder
6 oz of milk chocolate chips, melted
Cream together - frost immediately. Note: if refrigerated, will harden in texture.
Viola!! Heaven...
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Friday, February 27, 2009

Come meet the artist

For the first time in several years, the Renton Municipal Arts Commission is hosting an Artist Reception - how exciting! The artist du jour is Dan Wend, whose work can be seen here, is a resident of Des Moines and an artist whose work has been shown at Arts Unlimited in the recent past. The reception is free to the public, offering us all a chance to rub elbows with artsy folk, have some punch and cookies and see some beautiful art work up close.
For those aspiring to having a showing of their own and who are within King County proper, visit the Arts Commission website to apply. The next Artist Reception will feature a local Renton girl, age 12, who does Origami Quilts.

Carco Theatre Saturday, Feb. 28 4 - 7 pm Free
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My Favorite Donut

I hadn't been in town for too long before looking for my piece of donut happiness - and I found it at Western Co. Donut, corner of Sunset Blvd. N. and N. 3rd St.
16 years of donut making put Sam and Kathy, the owners, right up there with the best. Sam comes in at midnight so that you can have your bite of heaven as early as 4 am. Seven days a week. Now that is dedication to the craft.
Kathy works the counter and her favorite part of the job is her customers, hands down. The people who come to this shop are just plain nice - and one regular has to have her daily hug before leaving.
Boeing buys a lot of the early morning boxes of goodies, leaving the rest of us to take what we can when we come in anytime before the 4 pm closing hour ( 12 noon closing on Sunday).

Try these donuts - you will become a fan - I recommend the buttermilk bars and the raisin squares. You can sit down to a great donut, some very ordinary coffee and look at some artwork that Kathy and Sam brought over with them from Cambodia 28 years ago. Living the dream - providing a place where people happily make their way to day after day, and making a difference in the community - one donut and one smile at a time.
251 Sunset Blvd. N. #B (425)271-3075

Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the Rain became Snow

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Catch a glimpse of the white stuff while you can - here comes the sun....(but for how long, me wonders)

I wanna talk about Garlic

You heard me - garlic. There a few staples of cooking that I cannot be without. Salt and Pepper are a given, but garlic, onions and parsley are my all time favs for being readily available, cheap and given to longevity in the bowels of my fridge.
I had a dozen years living a couple of hours away from the garlic capital of the States - namely, Gilroy,CA. I have been to the Garlic Festival and endured the pleasures of garlic cook-offs by major chefs and the ignominy of eating garlic ice cream ( never again). So why is it, I wonder that is so freakin' difficult to get Gilroy Garlic here in Renton - or anywhere else, it seems to be?

Here is an article from NPR on the current state of garlic growers - fighting the inevitable tide of Chinese grown garlic. Christopher Ranch in Gilroy is the largest producer and they have tried to break the tide by going to automated grading of bulbs from hand sorting. But still I go to our local Safeway and I have to dig and beg for garlic grown anywhere near here, and in soil and conditions that the FDA should have to approve. The difference in buying within the US - pennies.
I got lucky - at the holiday times Safeway had this lovely braid of Garlic - proudly marked for all to see from Gilroy - but the rest of the bulbs at the store, after careful inspection - were all from China.
I know - this isn't a local story - but think of it as a coastal one. I am stepping down off my soapbox now - it's funny what will make you get your righteous hand waving in the air - and Garlic is just one of mine...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


But I remain ever hopeful...
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Got plans tonite??

Indulge in appetizer sized plates of food paired with wine for $20 tonight, beginning at 5pm at Armondos. You then tottle off to Blossom and Melrose for a bite of entree paired with vino and then for desert, the Redhouse has your sweettooth covered and also a bit o wine - all for, that's right, $20. Last week the turnout was very impressive - 75 participants. Get to know your neighbor, make your way around Renton on foot chatting and imbibing with other downtown foodies. This is the last night, folks, so don't miss your ample chance to test out all of those great eateries and socialize with the downtown crowd.

Roving Renton $20 starts at 5:00 pm tonight at Armondos - then, Melrose,Blossom and the Redhouse, where you must place your order by 8:30 at the latest - cheers!
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rosa Parks and Civil Rights at our local Museum

Eva Abrams will perform a very well researched dramatic presentation of Rosa Parks at the Renton Historical Museum this coming Saturday, Feb. 28 at 11:00 am. FREE!!
Photo: Rosa Park's arrest in 1956. APP " Woman Fingerprinted. Mrs. Rosa Parks, Negro Seamstress, Whose Refusal to Move to the Back of a Bus Touched Off the Bus Boycott in Montgomery, Alabama." New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection,Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A decent burger and fries, no less...

Doofers Bar and Grill - I had heard from a lot of the lads that this joint served up a good burger -and I was definitely not disappointed. Doofers has a seating area just as you come in the door where you can sit with the tykes, which makes it family friendly. So does the dozen plus flat screen TV's blaring all the sports that is fit to watch - you don't even have to entertain the ones you came with! The tarter sauce was homemade and awesome (it goes on my fries, and I don't want to talk about that), homemade onion rings and I hear the fried chicken is good eatin' as well. Hot sandwiches seem to be the most popular fare, some salads, fried chicken and they have steak and prime rib night on Fridays. I am going back...and Lynar over at her blog, allaboutrenton, will have to decide about the state of their fries ... : )
Head up Cemetery Hill/4th - that turns into 128th and it's at the corner of 164th
Doofers Bar and Grill (425) 228-6645 16430 SE 128th
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"everythings amazing, and nobody is happy!"
Can't embed this video for you, but this is such a hilarious but true interview with the comedienne, Louis CK on the Conan O'Brien Show - Check it out!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Redhouse Rocks

Look for yourself - here is the updated beer list this week for the Redhouse - with prime emphasis on the Alaskan Barleywine, which isn't that easy to score a keg of (it has a good following) so if you scurry, you'll get a glass. It's very delicious (I heartily indulged already today)and Jeff Andrew, the new manager, will be storing away a keg for next year in hopes of having some vertical tasting - yum! Truly, folks - come out and get it while you can. You won't regret trying this taste treat.

Beer of the week at Redhouse - Russian River's Pliny the Elder $5.75 A hoppy but approachable Double IPA (8.0% ABV) that those new to hops will love and old hopheads rave about - try it!
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Stay tuned for more updates on the new faces at the Redhouse!!

Who doesn't like a sale...

Melanie and Sue, the two gals that own The Feathered Nest on South Third Street here in Renton, are having a Flea Market. Beginning tomorrow, Saturday Feb.21 and Sunday, Feb.22 from 10 am till 5 pm, at a space between The Uptown Glassworks and Venus Moon at 226 Main Ave. S. Vintage or new- something for you - parking lot is just north of there and is free and easy access. So head out and get your shop groove on!!
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Largest Firefighter competition in the World

1,500 firefighters in full fire regalia, 69 flights of steps, 300 different departments participating, 788 vertical feet - these facts combined make the Stair Challenge at the Columbia Center on March 8th the single largest firefighting competition in the world. And our local Scott McMurray is in the mix of it for the first time this year.
The proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society -any amount will do to help fundraising for the fight against blood cancers. Scott told me the other night, he just wants to be able to make it up all the stairs. So let's help him out by pledging some of our pennies to the cause and let him get on to the heavy work.
Here is the link to Scott's donation page , here. Scott, we all wish you well!!
PS - I know - I got the photo of the bldg wrong - so sue me, and the one photo that is not mine, is of the fireman gear - thanks to Danni0525/Flickr.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fingered by God in Renton - well, almost...

It began as an entry into last year's Renton Film Frenzy - then the short film that Sam and Bob made took three awards and was written up in the Seattle Times and Renton Reporter. Now they are on their 4th webisode and plan for more (check out Youtube to keep up) - always about Renton, always keeping it real.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Life on the Cedar - Sunnyside up

The sun smiles for a moment and we feel a lighter step in our feet and a giggle inside
It encourages us to take ourselves outside for a walk along the Cedar River and beyond
For some, the water beckons and cools even before the word "Spring" comes to town
Others are just happy to linger at the water's edge, glad for the momentary warm distraction

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just cuz it's a holiday, do we really have to get it on?

Seattle Aquarium - I know, out of the zip code, but the last of my Valentine posts, I promise. Besides, I went on this field trip with two other Rentonites, so that makes it seem semi official community business.
Pepper and Popeye, the two octopi in captivity were hosted on the most public mating date ever, V Day of course, and didn't even make out. But they also have the longest date ever- until the 21st, to make things right.
Apparently this has been a long standing mating ritual at the Aquarium and they have about a 50% success rate. Do we have that good of odds in the homo sapien realm of the walking singles?
This breed of sea animal is thousands of years old and yet only lives to be four years of age and dies shortly after giving birth. I hope they do get around to doing it - if that's all you have to look forward to is creating 80,000 potential offspring and then dying, you deserve to be able to get it on - at least once.
Geez, I hope I don't have to be on my deathbed to hook up...
Seattle Aquarium Pier 59 1483 Alaskan Way 206-386-4300 $16 (whew!) Open daily 9:30 - 6:00 last ticket sold at 5:00

Award winning Renton Short Film has a new installment! Come to the Party!

Sam and Bob's great adventure is more like it - "Finger of God" won Sam Grayson a Renton award for best short film in town, along with his working cohort, Bob Anderson. These two continue the odyssey with a new webisode for our preferred viewing.You can go to Youtube and watch the first two. I am providing my favorite, below, numero three. Become a Donkey Park Productions' "Super Fan"!!

"Finger of God" Viewing Party
Wednesday, Feb. 18 7 pm
Liberty Cafe 926 South Third Street

Bring your pennies,booze and have a good time! Questions? Call Ashley @206-778-6812 or
PS Ain't Mary cute in this?! She has such potential..

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Visit with Aunt Harriet

The negro spiritual, "Go Down Moses", which everyone who attended the storytelling about Harriet Tubman today sang, was written about that proud woman of the Underground Railroad. The slaves would sing songs to one another in the fields, letting each other know when another trip North to Freedom with Harriet"Moses" Tubman, would pass through their plantation. She risked her life 19 times over a period of 10 years, and she was successful in every trip she made, saving 300 slaves. Harriet led them all to the safety of Canada, where many stayed even after the war, making a new home.
Karol Brown has been researching her role as Harriet Tubman for 10 years and her partner, James accompanies her with a lovey tenor voice, interspersing songs throughout the reenactment of Harriet's life.
For those of you who missed this wonderful free program for Black History Month provided by the Renton Historical Museum here in Downtown Renton, there will be a program entitled "Harriet Tubman - Woman of Action", March 9,10 Theatre on the Square(On Broadway between 9th and 11th) Downtown Tacoma, 2pm and 7 pm. Tickets are $15 ($3 of each ticket to be donated to the Pierce County Aids Foundation Unity Now Program.

PS. Don't forget - Feb. 28. "Rosa Parks" Speaker Program at the Museum - Don't Miss!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

What to do for your sweetheart

Girlfriend's Antiques,Gifts and Floral 920 South Third Street 206-261-2802
Dozen Roses $30 ONLY!!!
Mugs with flowers, $5 - and many more.....I love Deb, she has the cutest place and the best prices. That is why I love to dote upon her little store - she makes people happy - a lot.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When you need some decent curry...

Pabla's Indian Cuisine Restaurant across from Fred Meyer's in that little strip mall is a force to be reckoned with. I love it. And I mean, love it.
Today I went for the ever fabulous, all-you-can-eat luncheon buffet which is a mere $9.99. They have a very full set of curry options awaiting you, always with a Sag Paneer and Kabli Channa on the menu, but with rotating favorites like Mushroom Masala, or a Pabla Special. Sixteen items in all.
There is a salad with a lovely yogurt dressing, Pakoras and Samosas with the freshest of mint chutney you have ever seen. I have been to another local establishment (not to be named..) where the mint chutney is served to you in a plastic squeegee bottle and it is the color of long dead grass. Man, treat yourself to the good stuff ! I used to eat Indian food as my second staple while living overseas, and this place just takes me back as well as takes me home.
There is also Pulao Rice and freshly made Naan bread, and for desert, Jelebi's (as seen in the photo to the right - deep fired pretzel like creations that are lathered in honey) made right there at their own bakery adjoining the restaurant, which also sports a shop full of Indian provisions. The Kheer, which is a rich rice pudding spiced with cardamom should also not to be missed.

Pabla's Restuarant is open 7 days a week, and the luncheon buffet is served from 11am until 3 pm. The dinners, 5 - 10pm are just as satisfying - we recently all went out for a birthday dinner here and had a great time - the staff are so friendly and your tummy always gets a good filling. AND IT'S ALL VEGETARIAN!

PS - so unusual for me, I was without my camera today, but if it had been with me, I would have taken just such a shot as Shooz on did right here - thanks Shooz!
Pabla Indian Cuisine 425-228-4625
364 Renton Center Way SW #C60
(Go to their website to download a coupon for dinner or takeaway)
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's good to like Jimi

One day, while working her regular shift at Hollywood Video here in Renton, the fair Ms. Pinky had a special admirer of her Jimi Hendrix tattoo that she sports on her forearm - Jimi's stepsister.
"She was really nice and I didn't think much about it, but a few days later, Linda (the stepsister) came by my work a couple of times, trying to find me." Pinky had made quite the impression, and she was rewarded for her Hendrix love with an armload of "swag" from the Experience Hendrix Company, a family owned concern that is run by Janie Hendrix, another stepsister of Jimi's. T-shirts, DVDs,CDs and a huge plushy blanket were just a few of the goodies she scored.

Jimi Hendrix's grave is just up the hill at Greenwood Memorial Park at 350 Monroe Ave. N.E. His house was taken up the hill 4 years ago as well.

I love feel good stories like this - after the whole battle between Leon Hendrix and the rest of the Hendrix family last year over the $33 a bottle Vodka in Jimi's name, it is so nice to hear a contemporay story about Hendrix that is on a happier note.

What is that ......snow?!!

I am freezing, there was foreign white matter falling out of the sky and I still have my hat on though I have been home for an hour. This is a fake picture of Spring - hope you didn't put the long johns away.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Woman Crashes into City Hall - this occurred last Friday evening at 5:30 pm, when a woman in her car flew across lanes of traffic and then through the freeway retaining wall. The car then hit a tree ten to fifteen feet in the air, and then the Renton City Hall's parking garage. The car came to a rest at level P2 of the parking facility. Firemen worked for a half an hour to free the woman, who was conscious at the time. The woman had simply lost control of her vehicle. No further news of her injuries. You can view a letter to Randy Corman, councilman, on his blog here, that Denis Law sent to him, for a few more distinct details.
Hey you guys in South Renton - did you hear this when it went down?! Don't you guys have better ideas for Friday night fun?

Now, and one mere month ago...

Hard to believe that one short month ago we were wondering if this was the year that the Cedar River would burst it's banks. Even though today proved, yet again, that Phil the Hedgehog did indeed see his shadow (damn, is that snow I see on top of that car?), I think that the promise of Spring, though ever so elusive, is in the air (I hope it's Spring, I hope it's Spring, I hope it's Spring...)
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