Sunday, May 31, 2009

cup of coffee and a bit of shade

Liberty Cafe, located at the top of South Third Street- has got it's new awning up. Special thanks goes out to Randy Corman of our esteemed Renton City Council, who saw the posting in this here blog about cafe owners Mike and Johnny's pending plea with the city about said awning installation and helped expedite things. A bit of shade on a day like Saturday was entirely welcome.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ain't life grand?

When you can see a beauty like this on a walk in our fair town - I consider us all quite lucky
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Renton Relay for Life

What was all that commotion over at the Renton Memorial Stadium - the loud speaker action, the cool tunes wafting over the warm river breeze? Renton Relay for Life - an inspiring overnight event that raises awareness for cancer, gives survivors a chance to celebrate, and families who have lost dear ones a chance to remember and give back.

I got there later than I should have this morning - the final ceremonies were all but completed, but still some people continued to circle the grounds. The involvement in Relay for Life helps support the American Cancer Society's programs, which is the largest source of nonprofit, non governmental cancer research funding in our nation. Stick that in your hat!

The crowd draws in people of all ages, backgrounds and persuasions. Cancer effects everyone's family. And I do mean everyone.

This cool map showed where all the participating Relay teams were - wow - quite a few teams out there. Kudos to all who were there!

For more info, visit
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Ain't she a beauty?!

Gorgeous view on S. Third Street today - that is one beautiful ride right there. Owned by Ron Hughes. I am experiencing deep car envy.
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Cedar River meets a Cotton Tree

The title on this shot is pretty self-explanatory. Looks like a river dusted with fluffy stuff. Big, white bits of river dust bunnies.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer night

What a beautiful night we are having - people are out walking, sitting on porches, visiting friends, swaying in the evening breeze.
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Got a hankering for a good deli sandwich?

Photo by Su-lin/Flickr
Hot, freshly made bread. Your choice of a Vietnamese sandwich or a good ole American sandwich. Coffee/espresso at the ready, big fireplace to cozy up to when it gets chilly in the Fall. Open from 7 am till 7 pm to meet all your eating needs. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

The owners of the new Yoggi Yogurt, and the Pho Hoa restaurant on the corner of S. Third St., plan to open this Bakery/Deli Shop at the end of July, beginning of August of this year, just around the corner in the building that used to house the Secondhand Furniture Store. Hooray! Things in Downtown Renton never looked better!

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Barista of the Week Award

Okay - so sue me for being the bearer of good tidings - we are award happy around here these days. Brandie has been named Barista of the Week and we all couldn't be in more agreement with the pronouncement.

Another new award christened by Deb of Girlfriends Gifts, Antiques and Floral on S. Third and flowers arranged by her as well - feel the love!
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cupcakes take over - again

Common Ground Cupcakes and Coffee 900 South Third St.(425) 235 - 1717
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Introducing the man in blue

Jim Gould, on the Renton Police force for 14 years - definitely a Renton favorite and a Renton best. Friendly, damn good at his job - another good reason to love being in Renton.
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Outside the zipcode - breakfast,beach,Burien

Just minutes away is a beach front park with your name on it - Seahurst Park. It is just a gem of a waterfront park. And many Rentonites have been known to visit. Last weekend there was an extremely low tide and Renton friends (shout out to the Goetz-Granquists family!) went to explore and were treated to onsite tide pool officials helping identify the wonders revealed and keep everyone out of harms way.

If the beach becomes, I don't know, too blue - there are trails up on the hillside buried deep in the cover of towering trees and greenery. A great walk awaits you.

While in the very same neighborhood, why not stop by and have a wee bit of breakfast (all day) at the beloved Huckleberry Square Restaurant? The parking lot is always full, the place bustles with people and friendly service. The food is just basic, good ole American cuisine. It's been in operation for 30 years and it's cute and it's independently owned. Kinda like our Tommy's - except it is in Burien.

Huckleberry Square
14423 Ambaum Blvd SW
Burien, WA 98166
(206) 246-7006
Get directions

Seahurst Park
2400 SW 140th St
Burien, WA 98166
(206) 988-3700
Get directions

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When being good unto others makes a difference

Best Neighbor Award goes to Mary Clymer, of Happy Delusions this week. Deb, her neighbor at Girlfriend's Antiques, Gifts and Floral made the beautiful floral arrangement and christened this new award. I personally love the idea - and you will be seeing more of that in The Picaroon!
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Moving Sale!

Remember I told you that Bev and David of Antique Mall on Wells Street are going to over to a new location, just around the corner on S. Third Street? Well, the word is that they want to start fresh - completely different inventory. The SALE is on - and an auction will be held in June. Hurry/scurry - time for shopping and getting some deals!

Downtown Renton Antique Mall (425) 271- 0511 210 Wells Street
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Park particulars

Jones Park - dedicated over 80 years ago, still going strong. On the Cedar River, park benches ready for your "to go" lunch boxes, views in multitude. Hurry while it's hot. This park has a pretty impressive set of "particulars".
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

East meets West - Asian shopping at it's best

It's like shopping at Safeway, if you were in an South Asia. Miles of incredible products that suit those who like to cook Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino or Chinese food as well as an entire area that nods to the Mexican cuisine needs. The seafood counter is fresh and impressive, and you can buy your staples, such as milk and eggs here as well. The fresh fruits and produce section is so varied and lovely - where else in Renton could you find Rambutan right now, I wonder? Plus, a very nice cooler full of bottled beer to select from (I mean, come on - that's a staple to someone, right?)

Our Renton Viet Wah Asian Food Market opened about a year ago and received an award from the City of Seattle in 2008 in the Grocery Division. The Viet Wah Group has a restaurant, which some of the baked goods they carry came from, as well as other 2 other store locations. They began some years ago and have far outgrown their "found in Chinatown" beginnings. Viet Wah looks far and wide for the food goods they carry, sometimes working closely overseas with vendors to get the products they need.

One thing nice is that at the back of this very clean, very nicely appointed store (oh, and did I mention - really low prices?!) there is a sign showing you to the detached cafe front that Viet Wah operates selling Bubble Tea, Bahn Mihn sandwiches for just $2.50 and some hot food as well. It looks like a chipper little cafe with a couple of tables to eat at and an all around nice vibe. You can shop and eat all in one stop. I always like that - we should make sure that our appetites are assuaged before doing any serious shopping for sundry kitchen items. Otherwise you end up with a cart full of beer and dried cuttlefish, and crackers shaped like Hello Kitty's head.

Viet Wah Supermarket

Renton 2820 N.E. Sunset Blvd.
Renton, WA 98056
Get directions
425-336-6888 Everyday
9am - 8pm

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Sunday, May 24, 2009


Veteran's Memorial - downtown Renton, corner of Main Ave. South and South Third Street. Erected in 2003 - and a beautiful spot. The last couple of days prior to the weekend I saw workers finishing some updates on the walls in time for this holiday. And people visiting, like these ladies here, to find dear names of family and friends and to share in remembering the souls that our nation has lost.

American Legion Memorial to Veterans of All Wars - located in the pioneer cemetery, Mt Olivet. It was a bright, blue day and the cars were steadily pulling in to disgorge family members, young and old, flowers and flags in hand to pay their respects. It was heartwarming and it was touching.

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