Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The city freezes and the blog block melts

Snow - again? Three times may indeed be the charm, as this is the third time this day that the flakes have fallen and this time they may even stick. I did not get what I needed this Winter where snow was concerned. I like the blanketing of white, the crunch under foot and the chilly breath that comes with snow.

The views of North Renton as I sloshed home tonight were dipped in pearly white and slightly mushy around the edges. My camera somehow made the cut into the new handbag and voila! instant Kodak moment.

A snow blizzard feel as I made tracks in the unmarked lanes about town.The blue light here stands out in a wonderfully weird way.

The houses wrapped in snowflake batter were what drew my eye.

While the city became drowsy with cold, a hearty group of bloggers met to discuss the plans for a new blog in the offing. One that brings a confluence of assets and efforts and helps lapsed writers reenter the land of the web and Renton news.

So stay tuned and I will help spread the word. There is a new voice in town ( well, a few voices pulling together under one gleaming banner head) and we mean to make a difference.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I sitll heart you, Renton

I got an email for Valentines Day from a faithful reader telling me that four months was too long to wait for a Picaroon update. And I am still late in saying, I still do heart you, Renton.

The walkers of Coulon Park have better holiday attire than most. Artfully contrived with Velcro and a few safety pins for good measure, these clothes are all made to order for each occasion by some costumer of witty talent.

Can you believe the blue skied wonderfulness of the day these photos were shot? The weather is a mix of Spring whipped up into an occasional Winter cool fest. I never know how to dress when I get up - unlike our statue strollers here, who can wear the hell out of anything.

I still think of the days of old, blogging away about the town I love. My Valentine to you, dear Renton. A photo of your winning colors.

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