Saturday, February 28, 2009

Entertainment anyone?

You have exactly one week left to view the Pulitzer Prize winning play, "Lost in Yonkers" about a dysfunctional Mother and daughter who become hosts for their relations (a group of young boys) who are temporarily exiled to Yonkers. Directed by a favorite - Rick May.

Tickets: Adults/$22 and Seniors/Students:$17
Call the ticket office for other discounts.
Sat. Feb. 28/8 pm
Sun. Mar.1/2 pm
Thurs. Mar. 5/7:30 pm
Fri. Mar.6/8 pm
Sat. Mar.7/8 pm
Renton Civic Theater 507 South Third Street (425) - 226 - 5529

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Ryven Astrology said...

LOL awesome. As long as I have someone listening, I'll keep doing it. BTW, those cupcakes look spectacular.. mm.. forbidden cupcakes..

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