Friday, November 5, 2010

Last look at October

Halloween began with a great brewing of Halloween Tales over at the Renton History Museum. Dorota Rahn (pictured above)  helped conjure up a crowd to come see the free speaker program that I am so fond of over at the museum. Why weren't you there?

Bea and her well known talent of a mother, Naomi Baltuk, regaled a rapt crowd with tales of Halloween at the museum. Storytelling is a craft and form of entertainment that is good for the soul. Get away from that TV and video game when the opportunity presents itself. What a great duo! 

While out on the streets of Renton, some dressed for the holiday - and others, just dressed in the tie dyes that comprise the greater part of their wardrobe. Phyl Carroll is a grandma who dressed as a granny and Richard Stout is a man who loves color, especially the swirly kind.

Halloween can be a great time to experiment with possible new looks and hair colors - like Bill Provin here, who I must say, has a flare for purple. So does Brandy.

 How could I get away without one last fond look at jack o 'lanterns? They should somehow be an acceptable use of a pumpkin all the way up to Thanksgiving.

North Renton as a neighborhood completely rocked - with the Schelgel's Home on Williams Street hosting a Haunted House in their backyard - which was awesome.

Across the street, Halloween craftsmen, Evan and Dave created their own ghoulish destination for the more intrepid trick or treaters.

It was a great Halloween season - sigh.

Wanna know why I started to blog again today? I read my horoscope over at Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology and it said - blog. I kid you not. I was gonna try to be lazy a little longer, but I was shamed back into it. Really.

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