Saturday, November 28, 2009

Getting into the Holiday Spirit windows and all

Some folks begin preparing for the holiday by decorating from the outside then in. Ron and Sue Hughes have been having their three bay windows painted for Christmas for the last few years by Mindi Hall. The designs have been pared down to the ones they have come to favor the most over the years and placed in just such a way that the lights from within can help cast a special glow.

Mindi has been painting windows for the past eight years and is getting pretty busy as we approach December. She and her partner were finishing up in Renton and then heading off to Issaquah to do another home. The duo usually paint at two locations a day.

Mindi's window designs can also be seen at Doofer's Bar and Grill and the Noble Saloon here locally. She also designed and painted the mural at Mo's in the Highlands. Mindi travels throughout doing all types of businesses and homes windows and not just during winter. Mindi is painting all year 'round.

I remember growing up in an era when a lot of homes decorated their windows. If you were lucky, someone in the family had a good hand at creating a skillful scene, or you just used some stencils and flocked on a snow scene or two.

Isn't it looking great?

Finishing touches on the carolers.

See how the light from the living room lamp adds to the Nativity design?

Ron Hughes in front of one of his freshly painted windows. The family tree will form a colorful lighted backdrop to this window when it is put up.

Holiday Windows -
they are just such a treat to see. You can call and get your own.

Mindi Hall
(425) 223 - 6732

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

May the Angel of Thou Shalt Not Overindulge watch over all of us this day.
Have a great holiday with the family and friends and see you here tomorrow afternoon.
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not cooking dinner tomorrow?

Well, my two favorite coffee haunts will be closed tomorrow, as will a host of other places (as well they should be!), but there is a grand place for you all to go if you are not in the mood to play head cook, but definitely want to have a traditional feast - A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub.

This family friendly establishment with excellent beer and atmosphere will be glad to cook up that holiday meal for you this Thanksgiving. So, give a call and then saunter on down in the pants that you wear when you want extra breathing room in your waistline.

Classic Thanksgiving Homemade Feast
Now accepting Reservations for Thanksgiving 2009
at A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub and Restaurant

Call or come in to choose your perfect table and timeframe!
(425) 227-3396

3 course feast served at your table featuring
*Festive Soup or Salad
*Choice of entree meats with all the fixins!
*Choice of 4 homemade desserts!
*Vegetarian and Vegan Choices available!

A warm and calm environment with the entire family without the stress of cooking at home. Let us serve you while you enjoy soothing music, warm fire, wonderful ambiance, and thankful time with your family.

Adults $15
Children under 12 $7.50
Children under 3 FREE!

A Terrible Beauty
201 Williams Ave. S.
in the DTR
(425) 227 - 3396

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Budding Holiday Spirit

The holiday spirit is starting to creep into Renton - and it all began last weekend with some garland and red balls. The Downtown Events Committee of Renton put up the first bit of holiday bling on the poles of South Third Street with the help of our downtown Boy Scouts Troop and some helpful local citizenry. Don't they look grand?

With Thanksgiving right on our doorstep, I have transgressed my personal "no Xmas yet" rule and brought you a bit of the green and red. Can't help myself - it's too cheery and cool not to tell you about.

Downtown Renton -
a cool place to be on any day

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New place for a sandwich

Yummy sandwiches, freshly made by Armondos (Renton's lovely downtown Italian restaurant on Wells), are now being featured at Liberty Cafe in the DTR. These lovely lunch treats are sold exclusively at Uwajimaya's and Liberty Cafe and have such lovely combinations like Roast beef and Blue Cheese, or Turkey with Cranberry Chutney, with some other more standard fillings available as well.

So, stop on by for the best cup of joe in the DTR and a sandwich. Watch for the soup sign in Mike's window as well.

Liberty Cafe will be closed for Thanksgiving, so y'all will just have to make your coffee at home this Thursday :(

Liberty Cafe
926 S. Third Street
(425) 235 - 1400

Catching up on Cupcakes

When you have been down ill and haven't gotten out, there isn't much worth telling in the blog world. No one wants to hear how many tissues you have seen or lament the copious amounts of liquids one must drink (none of them of the fun sort), so you just sorta breathe and let it all go. So when you do make it to a local hang, you gotta take a photo or two, hang out and catch up.

Auntie Kristen seated with nephew Connor and Connor's Mom, Kat Mille at Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes, says that she likes to check out The Picaroon when I have a photo of her adorable nephew featured. Connor and I have a love/scorn relationship and he is such a big flirt when in the mood, that I can't help but take his picture. So I am sending out this photo to you, Auntie. Being a doting Auntie myself, I completely understand how enthralled one can become with the "little people" in our lives - especially a little one named Connor.

Marie here is proudly wearing her Birthday Tiara and having a cupcake and coffee to celebrate the day. She came to the coffee shop with her good gal pal looking too cute in her gold headgear not to notice. Happy Birthday Marie - hope it's a good one.

The Picaroon was given a cupcake on the house to celebrate our combined November birthdays (that of blog and blogger), but being sick and all, never had the chance to indulge. So here we are, eating a delicious Almond Joy Cupcake and highly recommending it to all of you. But remember to stock up on your baked goodies in a cup soon -

Common Ground will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

You may end up baking them yourself if you don't hurry.

Common Ground Cupcakes and Coffee
900 South Third St.(425) 235 - 1717

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Being held captive by sickness

You know that crappy, coughing til you're blue, congestion achy pain in the chest and butt illness that has been going around? Well, The Picaroon came down with the bug BAD and not even the thought of taking photos or blogging could lift energy levels high enough to do anything about the morass of nose tissues and tea cups said blog and blogger were mired in for days. Even today, first day back on the beat, can I say that anything feels even close to being perky. But I am here, I have a little bit to share, so let's see if I remember how to do this stuff, okay?
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

reminiscing and a birthday

What I love about blogging and Renton - and how they coincide. I spoke of this being a shared birthday month for me and The Picaroon - so today is my celebration day and I have some plans (see me gleefully rub my hands together!), so I am going bypass my planned post and reminisce for a moment. With you.

Renton, so often overlooked, is an incredible blaze of green and blue. The Cedar River, the banks of Lake Washington and all of our green, green trees filling the hills. If you have traveled, you know that where we live is a cornucopia of nature and color. Love it. Love to take photos of it. And the rain does not bother me. That's the "greening" agent, and I'm not depressed over it. Ever.

Renton has bike paths, and walk paths and parks and water just waiting to be strolled or rolled by. Our town could lead us all to better health if we let it. It definitely provides a place to cast your worries aside and just breathe. Yeah - try that, daily if you can.

Community - I found it quickly here over a cup of good coffee and a bunch of diverse thinkers who realize that it takes all kinds to spice the pot of life. Live and let live. Keeps me sane, happy and coming back for more. I am a what you might call, returning Rentonite. I had lived here before, but it was years ago and I was young. Moving to our burg was the easiest transition I have ever made into a new town, new home. Thanks, Renton. You took me right in.

And let's not forget about the quirky bursts of color and activity that makes me giggle and want to get out the camera. You are all lucky that I didn't load one of my of flower photos up, as I am sure you have noticed that I am partial to them. Yep, whether it be people, place or thing, Renton has it's full complement of colorful and unique living.

So Renton, you are getting bigger by the annexation and you have a flavor all you own, no matter what the neighbors say. I walk your street, eyes wide open, with heart and camera in hand, and I am glad. Glad to share a corner of my Renton world.
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day - What to do

Veteran's Day - a possible "to do" list for you. First one, obvious - go check out the Veteran's Memorial at the corner of Main and South Third. Think. This isn't just a day off from work or school. Whatever your political stance on the war in Iraq, send those soldiers some heartfelt love. I would certainly hate to be there.

Next, head over for the 50% off sale at Value Village. As you know, that store's days are numbered. My friend Mary shared with me that she went already to make her last purchase there the other day - something that would forever remind her of this favorite shopping haunt. Now is your time to purchase a little bit of nostalgia for yourself.

Next, until 2pm today you can check out and vote on the entrees for the recent Renton Film Frenzy - all of the videos are at the Renton Reporter, link right here to see them all. The winner of the people's choice on the videos will be announced on Friday online and in print and the winner will be recognized on November 16 at a Renton Council Meeting. So, sit the kids down with you in front of the computer this a.m. and watch some local flicks.

As a nod to past endeavors by local filmers, I include this damn cute one below.

And a nod to a local favorite and previous winner ....

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Geometric Art - Kim Sweet is featured at Liberty Cafe

Put a geometry teacher together with photography and a high regard for the craft of quilting and you get the artwork of Kim (kimiko) Sweet. Kim's work is up at Liberty Cafe this month, where the owners Mike and Johnny hang monthly shows of local artists. Kim Sweet grew up in Renton, lives in Renton and teaches Math in Renton. Couldn't get more local than that if you tried!

The photo essays are both organic and very structured. Kim looks for and reveals the fractal patterns in the world that surrounds us. The juxtapositions and layouts are precise and yet fluid. Like a quilt, carefully composed.

Come in and relax with the best cup of coffee in town and look at the artwork. Eggnog Breve and Spiced Cider is ready and waiting for you - yep, it's that seasonal drink time already.

Liberty Cafe
926 S. Third Street
(425) 235 - 1400

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Come hear a story...

Harvest Moon is a weaver of both tales and baskets. These two loves of hers become intertwined as she regales audiences with traditional Coastal Salish lore and transports her listeners into "Basket World." This shared wisdom comes from years of harvesting great skills and having heard Harvest Moon last year, The Picaroon can attest to her storytelling (and the baskets were amazing as well).

Come listen to be both educated and entertained at the Renton History Museum for this free speaker event tomorrow, Tuesday November 10th at 5:00pm. This is event is for high school through adult.

Renton History Museum
235 Mill Ave. South
Renton, WA 98057

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One more store for S.Third - Ginger's Klosett

Sometimes, the second time around is the best - and for Ginger's Klosett, a recent and classy clothing shopping addition to Downtown Renton, that would be on South Third Street.

With the recent remodel of the old Louisa Building on Wells, there have been some changes in the shops on street level. The beauty parlor has gone and now Ginger's Klosett moves onto their nearby location on our city's main drag. Ginger's Klosett will open up at 825 S. Third, right on the corner of Wells and kitty corner to Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes. I personally love seeing more store fronts occupied on this street - revitalizing our historic downtown. So, although this move is a laborious one for owner Ginger Phair and her daughter, Kim, I look forward to seeing them in their new digs - and just in time for holiday shopping.

Kim always wears something lovely and has a strong sense of community spirit that she brings to Renton. Recently the store featured Breast Cancer Awareness for the entire month, with windows dressed in pink.

Ginger showed me that there is a size and a price point for everyone - and believe you me, there IS something there for all of us, girls. For Fall, it is all about the return of the suit, and there are some lovely ones for sale.

The shop also carries wonderful gift and pampering items, making this a good place to consider adding to your list of holiday shopping spots.

Ginger's Klosett
soon to be at
825 S. Third St. Renton

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

colors of the season at Pike Place Market

The florist on the right hand entrance to Pike Place Market was carving out the innards of these little gourds and making the prettiest of floral displays. Makes you glad for all the rich and abundant royal tones that is requisite for FALL.

I LUV brussel sprouts - but, alas, they do not love me. I thought this gila monster on the sprouts was totally appropriate - you either love the little green buggers or hate them.

Cabbage roses - the bloom of Autumn. The bouquets began at a mere $5 and had the lovely tones of ivory and purple. The whole family took some home for display.

Pike Place Market/Seattle
on 1st Ave. in downtown
a great destination in any season
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