Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Cookie Catch-up

I know, I know - you have sooo many Christmas cookies at home that you could choke a small farm animal, so why would you want to look at just one more!? But, I have been remiss in reporting this happy little event that took place just 5 days before the holiday at Liberty Cafe.

A Christmas Cookie Decorating Party that Rachel Myers so lovingly orchestrated on Dec. 20th was a blast and a cookie feast. Rachel made sugar and gingerbread cookies for hours at home, and then brought them all to be decorated and eaten at Liberty Cafe. Free fun for the whole community - now that is what I call the spirit of the season.

Work of cookie art by an avid cookie decorator on the scene. This cookie, after being photographed for posterity, was promptly eaten by it's maestro.

The cookie lady herself! Thanks, Rachel, for a party well done!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Sighting in Renton

Santa always is jolly and likes to be seen in his red suit - but he also likes to ride a skateboard and sport Elvis sunglasses when the mood hits him. Santa can be cool - there is no doubt about it.

Mike Roberts is too young to have a white beard, but he is trying out the suit and adding his own flair to the holiday. Today, his lap was getting some use by some little ones who still "believe". Don't you wish you still did too???

Have a good one folks, and be Very Merry out there!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carpinito's is flocked

There is just something so enticing about a tree glistening in white - even if it is a fake frosting of snow on the tree limbs. Carpinito's has a really nice selection of Christmas trees, but I am forever drawn to wandering through the flocked trees and feeling like I am going get lost in a wee corner of fantasyland.

I purchase a live tree each year. I have tried the kind that you buy in pots, but they don't make it on the outside world - the roots have been too drastically cut perhaps when they put it in the neat little plastic tub. I don't believe in the fake ones (think it is worse to have those cluttering the dump sites of the future rather than cutting down a tree grown for just this season). Call it what you will - I love the sight and smell of trees at this time of the year at the local tree lot. And although I have never purchased a flocked tree before, and most likely never will - I love to walk amongst them and look as they twinkle with iridescent charm.

Want the practical gift that provides nourishment and comes from locally sourced farms owned by Carpinito's ? These looked pretty darn nice.

They have a hot room just set aside for all of the poinsettias.

These greens looked really good and smelled of winter. You can get creative and make your own wreaths, mantle wraps or door decorations - it is not too late to indulge in the season.

Carpinito Farms
Corner of 277th and West Valley Hwy.
Just off the 167 Valley Freeway, Kent, WA 98032
(253) 854-5692

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's a Christmas without comics?

Comics - they appeal to those from six to sixty, and you can find an amazing supply of them right in Downtown Renton. Just six months after the fire in Historic Renton in June that wiped out an entire building that housed The Comic Den for years, and things are looking pretty darn good for owner Howard Wheatley. By next summer, the shop should be completely situated in their new digs and comfortably using all of the additional space the South Third storefront provides them. In the meantime, the selection of goodies is a must to go and see.

The new comic racks are full and renewed each Wednesday when a shipment arrives with fresh stock. There is a shelf just for trade paperbacks and of course, lots of other memorabilia that will catch your eye.

All the Super Heroes have a place to call their own within these four walls. The shop mascot, Howard's dog, is named after one of them - Hercules.

This set of Mr. Potato Head dressed up as all the members of the band Kiss had me laughing immediately. I know a few people who would be happy to give this a home. Man, I can hear them begging for a set even now.

At $6.99 a box, these Minimates are reasonably priced stocking stuffers that anyone could purchase. I want a Wolverine one, just for the record.

The Comic Den is all about making comics accessible to everyone. Kids can go in and not have to worry that they won't be able to afford anything. Comics are meant to be enjoyed and read, and the toys to be pulled out of the box and played with. This is what Howard likes to see and it is reflected in how he runs the shop.

If you happen by this Wednesday for the new comic delivery, the store will be having a festive holiday gathering and snacking to share their appreciation of all the customers that have been so loyally supportive over the year. Couldn't think of a better time to drop in and become better acquainted. Open from noon until 4pm Christmas Eve.

The Comic Den
822 South Third Street

(425) 235 - 1663

Weekdays - noon til 6pm, Sunday noon til 5pm

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cugini's at Christmas

What would Christmas be without a trip to the prettiest of floral and gift shops in town? Cugini Florist does the most amazing and unique shopping for us throughout the year. Within their doors I see precious items that are not to be found elsewhere. This time of year it is especially resplendent in the decorations of the season.

The little handbags decorating this tree have had to be reordered three times already. What girl doesn't want a new bag for the holidays, regardless of the size.

Every ornament on every tree in the store is for sale - so you don't have to worry if you see something so pretty you just have to have it - it's yours.

Poinsettias are a classic at this time of year and there is every color and hue.

This is a personal favorite - she looks so hard at work with her holiday baking.

Gifts are Cugini's specialty, right after those beautiful flowers and plants for which they are so well known.

Oliver, the resident cat, approves all purchases - unless he is too busy napping. The holidays can be so draining.

Cugini Florist and Fine Gifts
413 South 3rd Street
Renton, WA 98057
(425) 255-3900

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cool Ornament Artistry right here in Renton

Displayed at Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes

Cool ornaments from all of your favorite Pez dispensers - I'll bet your tree doesn't have one of those yet. Part nostalgia (we all have our Pez memories) the rest sparkling detail and unique idea, that's what local artist Kristi Hand is all about with her new creations.

Happy Delusions ornament display
Princesses, and Santas, Kermit and Dino - there is a character for everyone.

The attention to detail and the colors are half of the fun.

All wrapped up in a gold box and cellophane ready to be taken home or nestled in a stocking or become that last little gift.

Kristi Hand

Remember, if you want to shop local, shop original and just be cool, Renton can provide. Kristi also has some highly collectible Pez sets that you might consider - like the Simpsons, to name one. Feel free to contact her for the entire list available if you don't see what you need at Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes or Happy Delusions.

Kristi Hand

Happy Delusions
924 S. Third Street Renton WA 98057

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Wanna decorate cookies?

Cookies - yum! Bring the frosting and the sprinkles, the cookies will be on hand to decorate at the Liberty Cafe tomorrow, Sunday, from 10am til noon. Of course, what better place to hold such a tasty event, but at the cafe with the mostest. Have your coffee and then nibble on your creative cookies. Great pairing.

The community will be out - a great time to wish everyone well during the season. Hope to see you there.

Liberty Cafe
926 S. Third Street
(425) 235 - 1400

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Festive Windows

The Eagles Club on Wells Ave.S. has the coolest rotating tree and painted windows to boot. On Sundays you can go have breakfast for $6 and get a closer look at the tree if you like.

Frosty the Snowman is warming up with a latte these days at the Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes on South Third. I suppose he is the only fella I know that could drink that and lose weight.

Uptown Glassworks is having a big blowout holiday sale and you can go in and make your own ornaments. As you can see here, Santa not only make toys, he makes glass as well.
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Santa is waiting...

You know you want to - so just go on over and have a free photo shoot with Santa today from 5pm til 7pm and Saturday from 1pm til 4pm. It won't hurt, your Mom will love to see you like that once again and it never hurts to see if you can still ask for a present or two. Besides, it is your last chance in the DTR to see the guy up close and personal like.

The Piazza
233 Burnett Ave. South

For more information, contact Alecia Rivas at 206-619-1101.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Retro Renton Xmas Shopping

I love the look of Retro Christmas. The feel of eras gone by and the appeal of having a home that doesn't look like the local mall threw up on my tree or mantel. Dave of Cedar Chest Antiques on South Third Street has these lovely pink tinsel tabletop trees for $9.95 that he found. Sue me, but I love them.

Here it is in silver - isn't that just a must have?!

St. Charles Place Antiques just around the corner on Wells Ave. S. has some lovely vintage finds, but I am a sucker for a really good jolly guy in a red suit. It's those rosy red checks and the gleam in his eye that get me every time.

Black Chow Antiques, on the corner of Wells Ave. S. and S. Third, has the best displays, and this time of the year its no different. These vintage glass ornaments are about $4 a piece and are a steal at that price.

Hanging the stockings with care - these are hand quilted and only $9 a piece.

You could win me over with an old school lit Santa any day. This is the way we were meant to decorate - but then, I am crazy, so take it all with a big gulp of cookie and just buy me the damn thing.

Cedar Chest Antiques
916 South Third Street
(425) 271 - 0511

11 - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday

St. Charles Place Antiques & Restoration
230 Wells Ave. S.
(425) 226 - 8427

Black Chow Antiques
826 South 3rd Street
Renton, WA 98057-2736
(425) 235-9229

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