Thursday, November 12, 2009

reminiscing and a birthday

What I love about blogging and Renton - and how they coincide. I spoke of this being a shared birthday month for me and The Picaroon - so today is my celebration day and I have some plans (see me gleefully rub my hands together!), so I am going bypass my planned post and reminisce for a moment. With you.

Renton, so often overlooked, is an incredible blaze of green and blue. The Cedar River, the banks of Lake Washington and all of our green, green trees filling the hills. If you have traveled, you know that where we live is a cornucopia of nature and color. Love it. Love to take photos of it. And the rain does not bother me. That's the "greening" agent, and I'm not depressed over it. Ever.

Renton has bike paths, and walk paths and parks and water just waiting to be strolled or rolled by. Our town could lead us all to better health if we let it. It definitely provides a place to cast your worries aside and just breathe. Yeah - try that, daily if you can.

Community - I found it quickly here over a cup of good coffee and a bunch of diverse thinkers who realize that it takes all kinds to spice the pot of life. Live and let live. Keeps me sane, happy and coming back for more. I am a what you might call, returning Rentonite. I had lived here before, but it was years ago and I was young. Moving to our burg was the easiest transition I have ever made into a new town, new home. Thanks, Renton. You took me right in.

And let's not forget about the quirky bursts of color and activity that makes me giggle and want to get out the camera. You are all lucky that I didn't load one of my of flower photos up, as I am sure you have noticed that I am partial to them. Yep, whether it be people, place or thing, Renton has it's full complement of colorful and unique living.

So Renton, you are getting bigger by the annexation and you have a flavor all you own, no matter what the neighbors say. I walk your street, eyes wide open, with heart and camera in hand, and I am glad. Glad to share a corner of my Renton world.
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Anonymous said...

Happy celebration-of-your-birth day! I love how you find the magic all around you. Hope it's a good one!

Barbara said...

If today's your birthday Lady P then
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!! And many more !

Feathered Nest said...

Happy Birthday Lady P. and fellow Scorpio....we share the same birthday bd is this Saturday!

Madz said...

oh my sweet, I've been the worse bloggy friend every, I'm so sorry to have missed you b-day! I hope you've had a blast, allthough I seriously doubt you can have any other kind of b-day. Sending best wishes and hoping for many more!! and with a little luck i'll be able to congrat you in style some day! (and dus make good for this horrible faux pas)

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