Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Not cooking dinner tomorrow?

Well, my two favorite coffee haunts will be closed tomorrow, as will a host of other places (as well they should be!), but there is a grand place for you all to go if you are not in the mood to play head cook, but definitely want to have a traditional feast - A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub.

This family friendly establishment with excellent beer and atmosphere will be glad to cook up that holiday meal for you this Thanksgiving. So, give a call and then saunter on down in the pants that you wear when you want extra breathing room in your waistline.

Classic Thanksgiving Homemade Feast
Now accepting Reservations for Thanksgiving 2009
at A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub and Restaurant

Call or come in to choose your perfect table and timeframe!
(425) 227-3396

3 course feast served at your table featuring
*Festive Soup or Salad
*Choice of entree meats with all the fixins!
*Choice of 4 homemade desserts!
*Vegetarian and Vegan Choices available!

A warm and calm environment with the entire family without the stress of cooking at home. Let us serve you while you enjoy soothing music, warm fire, wonderful ambiance, and thankful time with your family.

Adults $15
Children under 12 $7.50
Children under 3 FREE!

A Terrible Beauty
201 Williams Ave. S.
in the DTR
(425) 227 - 3396

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Anonymous said...

Why are you hiding? I missed you a whole lot and had to go looking for you.

Have a super great holiday.

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