Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Budding Holiday Spirit

The holiday spirit is starting to creep into Renton - and it all began last weekend with some garland and red balls. The Downtown Events Committee of Renton put up the first bit of holiday bling on the poles of South Third Street with the help of our downtown Boy Scouts Troop and some helpful local citizenry. Don't they look grand?

With Thanksgiving right on our doorstep, I have transgressed my personal "no Xmas yet" rule and brought you a bit of the green and red. Can't help myself - it's too cheery and cool not to tell you about.

Downtown Renton -
a cool place to be on any day

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Barbara said...

So glad you're back at it Lady P - you were missed!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for noticing Lady P. It was a lot of fun and they do look cheery don't they? :)

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