Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day - What to do

Veteran's Day - a possible "to do" list for you. First one, obvious - go check out the Veteran's Memorial at the corner of Main and South Third. Think. This isn't just a day off from work or school. Whatever your political stance on the war in Iraq, send those soldiers some heartfelt love. I would certainly hate to be there.

Next, head over for the 50% off sale at Value Village. As you know, that store's days are numbered. My friend Mary shared with me that she went already to make her last purchase there the other day - something that would forever remind her of this favorite shopping haunt. Now is your time to purchase a little bit of nostalgia for yourself.

Next, until 2pm today you can check out and vote on the entrees for the recent Renton Film Frenzy - all of the videos are at the Renton Reporter, link right here to see them all. The winner of the people's choice on the videos will be announced on Friday online and in print and the winner will be recognized on November 16 at a Renton Council Meeting. So, sit the kids down with you in front of the computer this a.m. and watch some local flicks.

As a nod to past endeavors by local filmers, I include this damn cute one below.

And a nod to a local favorite and previous winner ....

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