Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Geometric Art - Kim Sweet is featured at Liberty Cafe

Put a geometry teacher together with photography and a high regard for the craft of quilting and you get the artwork of Kim (kimiko) Sweet. Kim's work is up at Liberty Cafe this month, where the owners Mike and Johnny hang monthly shows of local artists. Kim Sweet grew up in Renton, lives in Renton and teaches Math in Renton. Couldn't get more local than that if you tried!

The photo essays are both organic and very structured. Kim looks for and reveals the fractal patterns in the world that surrounds us. The juxtapositions and layouts are precise and yet fluid. Like a quilt, carefully composed.

Come in and relax with the best cup of coffee in town and look at the artwork. Eggnog Breve and Spiced Cider is ready and waiting for you - yep, it's that seasonal drink time already.

Liberty Cafe
926 S. Third Street
(425) 235 - 1400

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