Tuesday, May 26, 2009

East meets West - Asian shopping at it's best

It's like shopping at Safeway, if you were in an South Asia. Miles of incredible products that suit those who like to cook Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino or Chinese food as well as an entire area that nods to the Mexican cuisine needs. The seafood counter is fresh and impressive, and you can buy your staples, such as milk and eggs here as well. The fresh fruits and produce section is so varied and lovely - where else in Renton could you find Rambutan right now, I wonder? Plus, a very nice cooler full of bottled beer to select from (I mean, come on - that's a staple to someone, right?)

Our Renton Viet Wah Asian Food Market opened about a year ago and received an award from the City of Seattle in 2008 in the Grocery Division. The Viet Wah Group has a restaurant, which some of the baked goods they carry came from, as well as other 2 other store locations. They began some years ago and have far outgrown their "found in Chinatown" beginnings. Viet Wah looks far and wide for the food goods they carry, sometimes working closely overseas with vendors to get the products they need.

One thing nice is that at the back of this very clean, very nicely appointed store (oh, and did I mention - really low prices?!) there is a sign showing you to the detached cafe front that Viet Wah operates selling Bubble Tea, Bahn Mihn sandwiches for just $2.50 and some hot food as well. It looks like a chipper little cafe with a couple of tables to eat at and an all around nice vibe. You can shop and eat all in one stop. I always like that - we should make sure that our appetites are assuaged before doing any serious shopping for sundry kitchen items. Otherwise you end up with a cart full of beer and dried cuttlefish, and crackers shaped like Hello Kitty's head.

Viet Wah Supermarket

Renton 2820 N.E. Sunset Blvd.
Renton, WA 98056
Get directions
425-336-6888 Everyday
9am - 8pm

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MalDeeTuh said...

nice market..i don't enjoy going to the market as much...tsk tsk tsk...

Anonymous said...

That is a great photo of the kids. Perfect.

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