Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's a Christmas without comics?

Comics - they appeal to those from six to sixty, and you can find an amazing supply of them right in Downtown Renton. Just six months after the fire in Historic Renton in June that wiped out an entire building that housed The Comic Den for years, and things are looking pretty darn good for owner Howard Wheatley. By next summer, the shop should be completely situated in their new digs and comfortably using all of the additional space the South Third storefront provides them. In the meantime, the selection of goodies is a must to go and see.

The new comic racks are full and renewed each Wednesday when a shipment arrives with fresh stock. There is a shelf just for trade paperbacks and of course, lots of other memorabilia that will catch your eye.

All the Super Heroes have a place to call their own within these four walls. The shop mascot, Howard's dog, is named after one of them - Hercules.

This set of Mr. Potato Head dressed up as all the members of the band Kiss had me laughing immediately. I know a few people who would be happy to give this a home. Man, I can hear them begging for a set even now.

At $6.99 a box, these Minimates are reasonably priced stocking stuffers that anyone could purchase. I want a Wolverine one, just for the record.

The Comic Den is all about making comics accessible to everyone. Kids can go in and not have to worry that they won't be able to afford anything. Comics are meant to be enjoyed and read, and the toys to be pulled out of the box and played with. This is what Howard likes to see and it is reflected in how he runs the shop.

If you happen by this Wednesday for the new comic delivery, the store will be having a festive holiday gathering and snacking to share their appreciation of all the customers that have been so loyally supportive over the year. Couldn't think of a better time to drop in and become better acquainted. Open from noon until 4pm Christmas Eve.

The Comic Den
822 South Third Street

(425) 235 - 1663

Weekdays - noon til 6pm, Sunday noon til 5pm
Email: comicden@hotmail.com

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