Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Carpinito's is flocked

There is just something so enticing about a tree glistening in white - even if it is a fake frosting of snow on the tree limbs. Carpinito's has a really nice selection of Christmas trees, but I am forever drawn to wandering through the flocked trees and feeling like I am going get lost in a wee corner of fantasyland.

I purchase a live tree each year. I have tried the kind that you buy in pots, but they don't make it on the outside world - the roots have been too drastically cut perhaps when they put it in the neat little plastic tub. I don't believe in the fake ones (think it is worse to have those cluttering the dump sites of the future rather than cutting down a tree grown for just this season). Call it what you will - I love the sight and smell of trees at this time of the year at the local tree lot. And although I have never purchased a flocked tree before, and most likely never will - I love to walk amongst them and look as they twinkle with iridescent charm.

Want the practical gift that provides nourishment and comes from locally sourced farms owned by Carpinito's ? These looked pretty darn nice.

They have a hot room just set aside for all of the poinsettias.

These greens looked really good and smelled of winter. You can get creative and make your own wreaths, mantle wraps or door decorations - it is not too late to indulge in the season.

Carpinito Farms
Corner of 277th and West Valley Hwy.
Just off the 167 Valley Freeway, Kent, WA 98032
(253) 854-5692

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