Thursday, December 17, 2009

Retro Renton Xmas Shopping

I love the look of Retro Christmas. The feel of eras gone by and the appeal of having a home that doesn't look like the local mall threw up on my tree or mantel. Dave of Cedar Chest Antiques on South Third Street has these lovely pink tinsel tabletop trees for $9.95 that he found. Sue me, but I love them.

Here it is in silver - isn't that just a must have?!

St. Charles Place Antiques just around the corner on Wells Ave. S. has some lovely vintage finds, but I am a sucker for a really good jolly guy in a red suit. It's those rosy red checks and the gleam in his eye that get me every time.

Black Chow Antiques, on the corner of Wells Ave. S. and S. Third, has the best displays, and this time of the year its no different. These vintage glass ornaments are about $4 a piece and are a steal at that price.

Hanging the stockings with care - these are hand quilted and only $9 a piece.

You could win me over with an old school lit Santa any day. This is the way we were meant to decorate - but then, I am crazy, so take it all with a big gulp of cookie and just buy me the damn thing.

Cedar Chest Antiques
916 South Third Street
(425) 271 - 0511

11 - 5pm Tuesday - Saturday

St. Charles Place Antiques & Restoration
230 Wells Ave. S.
(425) 226 - 8427

Black Chow Antiques
826 South 3rd Street
Renton, WA 98057-2736
(425) 235-9229

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Barbara said...

We used to have an old light up Santa that was in my Grandfather's Italian bakery when I was just a toddler. I finally gave it to my daughter for her children to enjoy. And I have a small silver tree on my mantel with lot's of other silvery things, including silver glitter reindeers! You're not alone Lady P in your old fashioned tastes.

René Fabre said...

I have two things that I treasure from Christmas past...

I have a Hallmark Train made of cardboard from the early 50's for Christmas Cards... We always had it on the fireplace mantle as kids. It's kind of falling apart now, but I always gently display a few pieces every year. Thanks Mom...

My Dad, since the 70's, had this ceramic (3 foot tall) Christmas Tree he got in Cle Elum while he was playing weekly at Cavallini's Restaurant... We've had many a good laugh over the years about that. Thanks Dad...

Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

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