Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Cookie Catch-up

I know, I know - you have sooo many Christmas cookies at home that you could choke a small farm animal, so why would you want to look at just one more!? But, I have been remiss in reporting this happy little event that took place just 5 days before the holiday at Liberty Cafe.

A Christmas Cookie Decorating Party that Rachel Myers so lovingly orchestrated on Dec. 20th was a blast and a cookie feast. Rachel made sugar and gingerbread cookies for hours at home, and then brought them all to be decorated and eaten at Liberty Cafe. Free fun for the whole community - now that is what I call the spirit of the season.

Work of cookie art by an avid cookie decorator on the scene. This cookie, after being photographed for posterity, was promptly eaten by it's maestro.

The cookie lady herself! Thanks, Rachel, for a party well done!

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Paul Balcerak said...

Small world—Rachel and I went to high school together. Good looking cookies.

Adela said...

mmm yummy cookies! =)

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