Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Renton = Rain, yet again

Walkways on the Cedar River from the Renton Public Library on over to the Renton Memorial Stadium are under water and impassable. Little bit of river over the pavers some days, a bit more on others. The weather man says we've got more of the wet stuff on the way. Oh bully for us.

Won't see to many people out these days, except for the diehard walkers. When the rain lets up, they stream out of their houses, eager for a moment of respite from the grey, wet skies. No one lingers in any one spot for long. Nothing looks dry enough.

Yet, the flowers bloom and Spring shines through in bright little corners if you care to look. Color shines forth in the most unlikely of places.

I wanna tan this year sometime. My rust lines are doing just fine.

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