Friday, March 18, 2011

Hair of the Dog - or what did I do on St. Paddy's Day??

The best way to cure the hangover from yesterday's St. Paddy's Day revelries, is just a ounce more of the same. You heard that right - give me a pint of Bitter and hand over the aspirin!!

Oh, and speaking of the "Hair of the Dog", here he is - and let me tell you, they refused to serve "his" kind yesterday. Forced to drink at home, alone, yet again.

The Eastside Firefighters Pipes and Drums Band was just one of an entire day's worth of entertainment that awaited you at A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub yesterday, I tell you - those bagplayers were hot. They can come save Lady P anytime.
A Shout Out and thanks to Robin, of the fair green hair, and Chandler Wilson for inviting The Picaroon out to play yesterday. Far Right is their mate, Jason.

The green beer goggles were rockin' my world yesterday. But just for the record, ladies and gents, it was the eyeware that I was enraptured by and I did go home alone.

Bill and Faye Moss celebrated 56 years of wedded bliss yesterday - and handed out long stemmed green carnations to all they met. The Moss's are shown with their son, Biff on the top right, and Bill Collins, who always manages to get into a photo somewhere. Bill and Fay were married on a Thursday it seems, and they handed out carnations on that first day of marriage as well. A tradition was born. Long live the Moss's!!

And here is my final salute to you all - a cup of the finest from the Green Isle - Guinness. Hope all of you are recovering nicely.

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl.... I just stopped by to say hello. How are you doing? I still miss our chats.

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