Saturday, April 24, 2010

World Peace is possible

When mail carrier, Diane, is found petting and cooing over a Pit Bull/French Bull Dog being trained by Mary Headrick, you know that World Peace may indeed be possible.

This amazing thought inspired by Michael, who uttered the title for this blog posting when he saw this gathering take place.

Happiness is in the little things sometimes
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Anonymous said...

Diane is the best mail carrier! world peace is at hand.

Barbara said...

Got to tell you, we 'fe-mail' letter carriers are not as afraid of dogs as some of our male counterparts! Diane does a great job, everyone loves her in the south end of Renton. Oh well, except maybe for some 'crows' - but that's another story, right Diane? Ha! :)

Eggman said...

Diane , Barbara and Katie(back in the day)are envoys of post and peace and they are also very cool !
Lady P , I so love what you do and are doing .

osy said...

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. I love the picture. How do I get a copy of one? I love my job, because of all of the people and dog friends I get to see everyday. As for the crow thing, Barb...would like to forget that they don't like me much. Maybe because I save the little earth worms stuck on the pavement and throw them back in the grass... what a freak I am! lol!!!

osy said...

Thank you Lady P for sending me the pic through Barb. I love taking pictures and receiving them.

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