Friday, April 23, 2010

Cedar River's Floating Body

Helicopter circling in the sky, fire engine blaring and police cars all lit up in blue - this past hour at the Cedar River near Williams St. A dead body was seen floating in the water by some walkers on the river trail and pulled out onto the lawn in front of the Renton Senior Activity Center.

A young man who was one of the four initial people to see the corpse in the water, said that the body was short in stature (5'4" to 5'5"), short darkish hair and wearing a gray shirt and black puffy jacket and could not say whether it was female or male. The body was stiff though, when pulled from the river.

Three homeless men, concerned that it might be someone they knew, were assured by Renton Police that it wasn't a friend or acquaintance. This is news about Renton that will make the TV screen tonight in our homes, so hopefully we will be able to get the rest of the story.

UPDATE: Seems that the body was that of Gerald "Jerry" Selden, missing since last night - here is a link

Further Update: Here is the link from yesterday asking for help in locating the missing Vietnam Vet, Jerry

My prayers go out to the family that lost Jerry, and I am sorry this turned out to be him


Paul Balcerak said...

Thanks for the post, Lady P—heard it first via your Twitter account.

Renton police are saying it's the body of Gerald "Jerry" Selden, missing since Thursday. I'm updating on our page (and linking to you):

Sad story, but thanks for breaking it.

Lady P said...

Thanks - you are always so encouraging and supportive - and it is a sad story

Anonymous said...

Lady P-thank you for changing that title, we know this family and the anguish that they are going through right now.

Anonymous said...

This is a good friends Father, I was with her this morning. My heart and prayers are with her and her family. I can't imagaine the pain of dealing with this then seeing it on the news and news outlets.

Anonymous said...

Lady P --

I was one of two people who helped the police with recovering Mr. Selden...staying on the phone with 911 until the police arrived. For what it is worth to his family and friends who may read this, the police treated him with the utmost respect. I send my thoughts and prayers to his family.

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