Monday, April 26, 2010

Fame - Denied

Fame denied, or maybe let's just say Liberty Cafe almost had a well deserved moment of recognition beyond the realm of merely Renton (where, of course, Mike and his coffee have a fabulous following as we Rentonites well know).

National Public Radio's international broadcast entitled, Marketplace, came in and spent a good hour interviewing Mike Moskowitz the other day at the Liberty Cafe, which got the regular crowd all a twitter. Unfortunately, the only shred left of that discourse was one line in this on the air magazine that deals with business and finance in the international market -

"We arrived in downtown Renton -- southeast from Capitol Hill -- and headed for the Liberty Cafe on 3rd Street."

Darn - so close to letting the rest of the nation and beyond know what a cool coffee haunt we have here in our midst. But we all know, and for today, I guess that will just have to be enough.
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