Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tutmania returns - Ahhh those 70's memories

King Tut returns to Seattle and the love of the boy King will begin all over again. In 1978, this exhibit was the exhibit of the year and families lined up outside the building the Seattle Art Museum erected for the occasion in the wee hours of the night to be able to get in and see the incredible gold funerary mask of Tutankhamun and other rare artifacts that the world had never seen assembled together before. Our family went - and we can still remember the trip and the wonderment.

This year the Pacific Science Center will host the return of the Egyptian boy king after some remodeling to their Seattle Center site, and a whole new generation will be able to see the wonders of a world gone by. The golden mask that became the symbol of the 70's exhibit will not be there (it is deemed to fragile to travel), but the artifacts that come this time have doubled and show the whole family of Nefertiti, Ahkenaten and Tutankhamun, including items from King Tut's grandmother Tjuya. Here is a great link to an article on what to expect. The exhibit will begin May 24 and runs for seven months with ticket prices around $26-35 bucks. New information will be revealed in the next couple of weeks about the true connections in this royal family that interbred to keep their royal throne. I'm gettin' excited already.

Now, today I ran into someone who somehow had never seen Steve Martin do his King Tut skit - unbelievable. Everyone needs to be reminded of this great talent from his SNL days... luv ya Steve...

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