Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free comics for everyone

May 1st has lots of connotations and celebrations - but I bet you never counted on Free Comic Book Day being part of the spring day fun. Saturday at noon, the newly renamed business on South Third Street, The Comic Hut (formerly known to us as The Comic Den) will host a grand opening and participate in the national giving away of comics, along with door prizes and a special sale of backstock.

This is a sneak preview of some of those free comics we will be looking forward to picking up this weekend. Limit of two per person - bring a friend, get different issues and then swap. That's the plan here at The Picaroon.

This year's commemorative Free Comic Day shirt. Here's hoping that is one of those sweet door prizes.

Howard Wheatley, owner, has created a great new home for his comics after a 5 alarm fire nearly a year ago shook his shop in a smoking death grip. By this weekend, there will be a new wood sign hanging outside the establishment and fresh window designs up front. The Comic Den rises from the ashes to become The Comic Hut and our town keeps one more independent store that sets our downtown so far apart from the norm.

Saturday, May 1st noon-6pm National Free Comic Book Day
free comics, door prizes, fun

The Comic Hut
Comics and Collectibles
822 S. Third Street Renton ,WA 98057

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