Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Shop needs a miracle

Thrift store meets swap meet and a place to feed the homeless out of the back - that was Dawn Finn's dream when she opened her store at 210B Wells Ave.S. not too long ago. Dawn and an old friend were partners in the store, but at the last hour, literally, it became a one woman show. Dawn has been struggling to realize her dream ever since.

To say it's been hard is an understatement. A third party that was savvy to the ways of Swap Meets also quit on Dawn and her husband lost his job this month. Someone came on to help at the store, but wrote scriptures on the store walls and then went off to join the carnival (really, I didn't just make that up). Dawn just was not getting any breaks.

The good news is that Renton, being the great town that it is, reached out to help. Charles of St. Charles Place Antiques and Restoration just down the street has given Dawn several display cabinets to use and sell at her store. Deb of Girlfriend's Antiques, Gifts and Floral on S. Third has lent a hand. Everyone I know was trying to drop by unneeded items to donate to the cause. But it might in the end just not be enough.

Dawn needs a miracle by this Sunday to help her pull through - a new partner. The owner of the building is not making this any easier on her and she just needs some assistance to help get over the hump.

Everyday the shop is looking better, shaping up and filling out. If you can help - give Dawn a call today. She's waiting and keeping the hope alive.

Dawn Finn
Finn Thrift & Swap 210B Wells Ave. S.

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Kellye said...

Hooray for you!!
Very nice words!

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