Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fire in North Renton and all hail the new chief

Late last night, the flames from the back of the Law Offices on Park Ave. could be seen from the front rooms of residents on North First Street in the neighborhood of North Renton. While the big trucks came and three fire departments responded, the 2 alarm fire did not injure anyone and started at the carport in the rear of the building. Okay, there was a very hurt Lexus parked there, and the fire department was on the scene this morning trying to ascertain the cause.

The last of the big trucks left the scene at about 1 am this morning. From 10 until midnight there still seemed to be billows of smoke pouring out and the neighbors in jammies were wandering at the sidelines.The KOMO News truck was there last night and again this morning, covering our local burg.

The front of the law offices seems relatively unharmed by the fire and rather quiet for a work day. Guess it was better to stay at home until further notice.

Good news is that we all get to welcome 30 year fire department veteran, Mark Peterson to the post of Renton Fire Chief. Announced in the Renton Reporter yesterday, it comes as no surprise that the guy who has been holding the fort down since Chief Daniels left last year should be named to take his place. Congratulations Mark!
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