Friday, March 26, 2010

Ohh, the books, the books

The return of the independent bookstore to Renton is finally here - and the wait was well worth it. 11 year veteran of McDonald's Book Exchange in Redmond, Dacia Hanson opened her doors this week in the Louisa Building on Wells Ave. S. in a lovely space and shelves that are filling rapidly.

With an emphasis on reasonable prices and customers bringing in books for exchange and credit in the store, now is a great time to spring clean at home. A cool bonus is that your credit will be honored at the sister store in Redmond, owned by Dacia's friend and previous employer, Ann St.Germaine. Though two separate businesses, the idea for this Renton store began when Ann and Dacia noted that McDonald's Book Exchange had enough books coming through the door to fill another shop. Customers from as far away as Olympia and Chehalis were coming to exchange their books on the store's generous terms, so obviously there was a large market that was still yet to be tapped.

All genres are represented at the shop, though a steady overturn in the Romance section is to be expected. Already boasting a good selection of Philip Roth books, a couple of vintage editions of Black Beauty and volume one and two of Art Speigelman's Maus, Dacia is pleased with the growth her new shop has already seen.

If you don't see her as often as you would like this week - it's because she had a car accident recently and is working on getting a new set of wheels. I can already tell that it will not be long before both Dacia and her shop feel like old friends in the DTR.

Old Renton Book Exchange
227 Wells Ave. South

425.430.BOOK / 425.430.2665

Across the street from the bookstore, Dawn Finn has opened the doors of her thrift and swap shop and is now accepting donations and has stall space up for rent for interested parties. This street in Renton has got so many new moves, it is hard to fathom.

Remember the metal detector store? Seems like the empty store front has finally been rented and that a beauty salon will open soon. Yep, right there on Wells Ave.S.

What did I tell ya - this block is the current
bomb of activity.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! How exciting! Two great new places to help make DTR an even better place to be. :)

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