Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blue skied and beautiful - Renton today

Blue skied Spring wonderment - that is what greeted me today on my ride out to the edge of Lake Washington on this fine, Renton day. Lake Washington, known in the native Duwamish tongue as Lake Xacuabs, means basically a whole lot of water. Yep, that would describe it.

Few places afford you such great views and within a stone's throw of our historic downtown.

That's not a speck on your screen, that's a plane having just taken off from the Renton Municipal Airport (or Clayton Scott Field now) just to the left of where this photo was taken.
Renton - it's a great place to be.
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Paul Balcerak said...

Nice shots! Downside to working in the Web department is I don't get to make excuses to head out on assignment on days like this anymore. Thanks for letting me live vicariously :)

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