Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walking off the Holiday Pounds

Cedar River trail - 60 degrees out, sunshine and a public holiday. Needless to say, the pavement was getting pounded by a few more than the regulars yesterday afternoon. New Year's resolutions and a great outing for families to take together. Whatever the reason, let's just check in with this local and lovely gem.

In the shade, there are still all the remnants of this being winter. On cooler days, the path can still be coated with a hoary frost in places that the sun never gets to shine upon.

I like the little waterfalls and special quiet moments that are a part of the meditation that is one of the benefits of walking the trail.

There are now new signs advising the public to call the police if they are harassed or bothered. I put in a quick call to see if there was any incident that caused these signs to be placed. I will keep you informed of the answer when I have it. Don't let this put you off from enjoying the area. There are more folks who come now that the dog park is in full swing. This added trail attendance can be to our advantage.

Note that if you are a regular walker on the trail (or biker), that construction along the trail begins today for the next week. Think of it as an obstacle course and use it to your workout benefit.

All the rain has given our dear Cedar River a little more girth these days. It is cresting over the corners of the walkway here and threatening to dampen our toes. But only on small stretches of the trail, so don't let that stop you from getting out there anytime soon.
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Barbara said...

Gotta love a dog that can walk itself! Ha! I KNOW who's behind that leash.:)

happydelusions said...

I just love it when Max shows up in the blog. And I truly thank you Lady P for all you do for your community.

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