Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cake and Balloons in the DTR

What's a party without some cake and balloons? Just this week, Downtown Renton received a new addition in the holiday baking and celebrating arena - Go Deli's new specialty cake counter.

The cakes are all baked and decorated on site - and every flower and flourish is hand piped on and made of frosting. The only exception would be the tiny silk leaves and the toys. The cakes are lovely pieces of art. Light and fluffy cakes that are not your typical American cake fare.

Nope, you won't find a buttercream frosting in sight on these cakes that have a texture akin to that of an angel food cake. The frosting is whipped (non-dairy) and not a bit cloying or overly sweet. The cakes each have a flavorful filling - like chocolate or strawberry are two that I saw yesterday afternoon. There are cakes available for immediate pick-up with matching festive balloons for sale, or you may browse through the books and place an advance order. Weddings, birthdays - you name it.

The counter is right in the front as you enter the deli. You will also find that Dawn Hart, the manager, has been expanding her baking repertoire and there are now muffins, quick breads, pastries and lava cakes for those wanting a small portion of something for their sweet tooth. What I love are the great mylar balloons that we now can get so easily in the DTR for celebrating. Balloons always put such a nice touch on cake days, whatever the cause for celebration.

Go Deli
306 Williams Ave.S.
Renton WA 98057
Open 7am til 7pm 7 days of the week
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brittpia said...

yum yum, i want to eat your photographs!
i'll have to make an excuse to serve cake soon...

Barbara said...

Oh goody, now we have something sweet to go with those great sandwiches!! Just one more reason to go in. :)

Anonymous said...

You should submit this to Jen over at -- she has a feature called Sunday Sweets that focuses on really good cakes, instead of the rest of the week's wrecks. Info on how to submit cakes to Sunday Sweets is on her site.

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