Saturday, January 16, 2010

DK Market

If you like to mix it up in the kitchen and come out with a load full of groceries for a very pleasingly low price, than DK Market may become your new grocery food haunt. This is not the place for everyone. Some have likened it to a kind of "Winco" of an Asian, Russian, Indian, Filipino persuasion. I love it and especially like the fact that I can come and find new taste treats that differ from the previous visit's, but are just as welcome.

It is in a huge warehouse space, with pallets as display cases and a definite chill to the air (dress warmly for an extended stay). There is tea, jams, juices, spices, canned goods and dried legumes.

The bread selection is always improving. There are fresh selections from Russian and Asian bakeries, as well as pita bread and nan bread sitting side by side for sale. The Vietnamese Bakery's croissants and the Russian Rye bread are not to be missed. There is also something for the sweet tooth. Try the Chinese "Cocktail Buns" with the coconut inside. Personal favorite.

The produce selection is good and cheap. I bought a bunch of fresh mint for 79 cents, where it goes for more than three times that at Safeway. Russet potatoes were the same price as Red and Yellows. Cauliflower was a little over a dollar a head. I made out like a bandit.

This is a good place to come if you are on a budget, like to cook and want to experiment in your cooking routine.

Did you get enough chocolate for Christmas?

More and more, the parking lot seems to be crowded, so the word must be getting around. Inside the store, there are two structures housing a Russian Deli and a Vietnamese Herbalist. Weekends tend to be busy, so be forewarned. It is a treasure in the rough, probably why the prices are still so good.

DK Market
720 Lind Ave SW
Renton, WA 98057
(425) 228-2635
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Barbara said...

Thanks Lady P, we've been wondering exactly what ( although Cliff was pretty sure it was some kind of market) was in this building. Looks interesting, think I'll be going in soon.

Freakazoid Freddy said...

I've been going to DK ever since they opened, having relocated from the Wal Mart mall, when they were known as Lenny's market. Awesome place, that also has a separate Russian deli and Chinese herb store inside it's walls.

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