Friday, January 22, 2010

Tie Dye and Hula Hoops, oh my!

"Saturation of color" - that is what Drew Hoffswell's Tie Dye shirts are most immediately known for when first glimpsed. After nearly three decades of creating his T-shirt art, first in a shop, then on the festival circuit and now just for a couple of blues events he attends each year and for the friends that keep wearing his work, Drew has a deft hand at creating the rainbow hued spirals that stand out above the average tie dye wear.

Just this month, Drew opened a stall at the Happy Delusions store in Downtown Renton, a place known for it's cornucopia of handmade treasures and gifts. So many people continued to ask where the shirts and Tie Dye babywear could be found, that Drew was forced to find a way to make his creations more readily available.

Moderately priced from $20-$30 bucks, depending on the size and type, there is a shirt or pair of leggings for everyone. A mutual friend of Drew's and The Picaroon is carrying cards for the shop around with him now, so that he can direct the many admirers he has of his wild hued hoodie. Everyone wants to know where they can score such a spectacular find.

The master himself at work. The Picaroon had the distinct pleasure of seeing Drew working his craft.

Perhaps my own personal favorite at the booth are the hand taped Hula Hoops that Drew makes. I personally own one already and it is the second in my growing collection. Hooping is really starting to take off across the globe (check out this link for hula hooping) and was initially created by the Greeks as a form of exercise. Usually one has to be at a festival to find such rad and richly colored adult hoops. These are not the Wham-O hoops of your former youth. These are large and heavier weighted hoops that any adult can relearn to use. Tune up the IPod and get around to that lurking New Year's resolution.

Happy Delusions
924 S. Third Street Renton WA 98057

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