Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grass Roots efforts to keep our Library Local

The ballots have been sent out, and the time has come to cast your vote. There is a strong grass roots effort to keep our library local (as it has been for the last 100 years) and inform you, the voter, of the price that you will have to pay to get that shiny, new KCLS that is being promoted as the library's second coming. More taxes, a bond, and the loss of a local treasure.

With 4 million books in their stacks and over 40 locations, the undisputed need to update our local library through the hands of KCLS seems to many the pretty penny choice - until you look further. Newcastle(joined in 2005) and Federal Way joined KCLS, and where are their new digs? (Thanks RentonBen for the links). Ever try to get a book in a timely fashion when you are the 200th person on the list? At the holidays, I looked for a book by author Garrison Keillor and when the librarian assisting me noticed it wasn't in the stacks, she ordered it for the library and within a week I was reading it. Now that my friends, is service. I personally think our book selection nothing to be sniffed at and don't feel like becoming a lost cog in the KCLS wheel.

The effort to remind citizens of the benefits to stay local is provided by the hard work and efforts of concerned library goers. The signs are paid for by those that hang them. The signposts in streets and in front of homes are made from recycled council election signs. The artwork by local denizens who care (thanks Catherine Mille).

My mother's home received a very pretty and shiny mailer endorsing KCLS and asking for a "Yes" vote on Prop 1 the other day (targeted audience - my home never got one!). It was at least an $8,000 investment a practiced eye told us, and listed so many of the council members who refused to take a stand on the KCLS issue in the January 8th issue of the Renton Reporter and at the council meeting held a little over a week ago Monday. But they were willing to endorse and add their names to the pretty, expensive flyer that goes along with the expensive, singular "special election"voting ballot for this issue. Now why again could we not wait for a later date when there surely would be other issues that the citizenry had to vote upon? So much for our precious taxpayer dollars. A big shout of praise and thanks to council member Marci Palmer who has publicly been a supporter of keeping the library local since day one - never keeping us in suspense as to her thoughts or affiliations.

Look for yourselves before you vote - these links have a lot more to say about this issue than The Picaroon could ever begin to address.

Beth Asher handing out pamphlets asking voters to keep our library in our own hands and out of KCLS's domain. Hard work and hoping to win the good ole fashioned way - one vote at a time.

Local businesses are not afraid to let you know where they stand. Yeah Liberty Cafe and Happy Delusions, you rock!

Super artistic effort for the cause by Catherine Mille (but not a super picture here on the blog. See it in person - this doesn't do it justice)

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Thanks Lady P for getting the word out!

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