Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scarecrows for the lighthearted

St. Charles Place Antiques & Restoration
230 Wells Ave. S.
(425) 226 - 8427

He is a buccaneer, a pirate at heart and is willing to ravage the ladies - if you dare!
Things are getting a wee bit scarier as you walk the streets of downtown Renton - the scarecrows have come out of the fall closet and are lurking behind the glass panes of Renton merchants everywhere.

As we near this Saturday's Fall Harvest Festival & Chamber Expo at the Piazza, the fight for the best scarecrow continues, with new inclusions everyday. As promised - here are some I saw today.

Cedar Chest Antiques
916 South Third Street
(253) 271 - 0511

She will tell you your fortune and then take yours, leaving you with a deep fear of ravens and red to last you a lifetime.

Deb's Antiques, Gifts and Floral
920 S. Third St.
(206) 261 - 2802

Little Red Riding Hood will never know what bit her - 'cuz the wolf is lurking somewhere near and a basket full of goodies is only an appetizer for his dinner of Granny and more.

Yoggi Yogurt
801 S. Third St.
(425) 204 - 9991

Fred likes to think he has become a sweethearted, desert eating skeleton but his thirst for blood has yet to be slaked.
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Kellye said...

The pictures are great and I love their descriptions!

Thanks for stopping by, it was nice meeting you ans Max.

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