Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flora and Fauna of Renton

Flora and Fauna in Renton - amidst the colorful skies and warmth that sometimes also comes with our Pacific Northwest fall season, I saw some great views in Renton yesterday. Here are just a few to share with all of you.

The Great Blue Heron was perched on a log in front of Jones Park on Wells Street for all to see - oblivious to the cries of the children and dogs in the nearby lawns. Usually seen later in the day, this is a common haunt for this bird should you ever want a closer look for yourselves.

Bringing back childhood memories, this very fuzzy, very fat caterpillar was out for a stroll on the Cedar River Trail.

Though the most obvious of fall foliage would be the russet and red hues, these leaves are quietly turning from spring green to gold.

Some wildlife is better off left alone - like Frank Sutter here, sporting a homemade T-shirt that his daughter made expressly for him. Since all and sundry saw the warning sign well in advance of his arrival, we were well prepared.
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