Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkins in the yogurt

Every Wednesday, Dawn Hart, manager, goes creative and creates a new flavor for the yummy frozen yogurt they serve up at Yoggi Yogurt. Until Friday, you can savor the Pumpkin Spice yogurt topped with festive candies or even fresh pomegranate or papaya (amongst a whole cornucopia of other tasty toppings). This was my taste treat today - and there was no sharing, by golly. I devoured every last spoonful - delicious, and you would never know it was full of healthy probiotics, low in calories and completely good for you (minus the trick or treat candies, mind you!)

Update: The Go Deli Sandwich Shop (owned by the same owners as Yoggi Yogurt and the corner Pho restaurant) that we have all been waiting for with baited breath, received it's final inspection yesterday (again!). The new word is that it will be open by the end of October. Whew! It's about to get colder and we all need some fresh, hot luncheon treats to get us through the winter months. So, keep your eyes open for a new midday meal destination soon.

Yoggi FrozenYogurt 801 S. Third St. (425) 204 - 9991

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