Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you ready to make yourself Film Famous?!

Renton Film Frenzy - the deadline for becoming the next famous Rentonite who owns a humming camcorder and a sense of style and adventure comes to an end tomorrow, so if you ever thought of writing, directing, filming and editing a film about Renton in a 50 hour time frame (Oct. 16-18), HOP TO IT! This is your last chance to jump on this gravy train.

Thank goodness my blogger buddies, Ms Lynar at AllAboutRenton and Rich Zwicker at Renton425 have already posted about this very sizzlin' event. I am lame and have been taking pics of scarecrows in windows and pumpkins in patches - so sue me. However, you can still follow this awesome link to the Renton Film Frenzy website and get involved, or at least stay tuned for the outcome of all this energetic film-mania. There will be a red carpet gathering at the Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center, paparazzi and popcorn to a viewing of the entrees that made the cut and got the awards ( Curvee Awards, that is). All in all - this about putting Renton on the map, because although we may be ahead of the curve, we are a little far removed from the glitter of Hollywood - for now.

Take a peak at the previous award winners of Renton Film Frenzy, Sam Graydon and Chris (Bob) Anderson, as they consider joining in another year of filming hubbub.

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