Friday, September 25, 2009

Jupiter - an orbit of words

Jupiter Graydon/son of Mike Moskowitz and Susie Graydon
Big Picture HighSchool


We are unique and bold and strange. Our species is fascinating indeed. Ours is of infinite and unknown potential. We may never believe in or even understand the fact that we have such grand potential. We can become so many things... We could be massive or tiny, reasonable or insane, brilliant or stupid, passive or corrupt
Men are amazing. We can be more forgiving than angels... or we can be more twisted and horrible than demons.

We are born as canvases for our actions to paint upon.

We die as works of art.

Jupiter participated in this year's Writers in the Schools Program - A Program of Seattle Arts and Lectures.
The above prose was written by Jupiter and selected for inclusion in the book shown above. Jupiter is one of those amazing people that one gets to meet and know in Renton. Quite the young man already. It doesn't take kids long to sprout wings and start flying on their own.

Wake Up in the Brightness is an anthology of students writings, both prose and poems,from the Puget Sound area. Ages second grade to last year high schoolers participate. Writers-in-residence worked with the kids ( a whopping 5,000) and from these submitted writings, the best and the finest were chosen and published. Two days ago there was an evening performance where the students were able to share their works in person (and launch themselves publicly). Follow the above link for further details and purchase ability. Or just wander into the Liberty Cafe where Mike has the book on view.

Congratulations, Jupiter. Well done.


happydelusions said...

Yeah Jupiter! He's wise beyond his years. :)

Dr Doc dlcs said...

your words are trueand inspirational, and your photography is increadible! i sure wish i had a study hand to take photos like you. my work seems strange i supose as a new looker sees it, but it is mostly fiction humor. photos, just as paintings tell so meany stories. i have always loved Sci-Fi fantasy and photography and oils on canvas. lol, now i try to mix the three in what probley seems to most is a STRANGE form of art. Fact is, i am crippled with parkinson's disease and not only do i enjoy producing it, it is a great therapy for me and i realy enjoy it. of course it is fiction art, imagination and Sci-Fi humor. i have always looked for goodness, beauty, and story in art. sharing imaginations in art. now days, political correctness is entered into the scene and taken much fun from the imagination it seems. your site is relaxing and beauty, animals, human, and smiles. i enjoy your work very much.

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