Friday, September 25, 2009

Battling for good prices and combating flu germs

We have had our discussion on this blog before about where to thrift and donate when you want your dollars and your donations to make the biggest dent. Salvation Army ranks up there highly. This Saturday they will be have their second Half Off Sale (everything except the mattresses) in this month, and this is a sale you thrifters shouldn't miss. I really appreciate the fact that the store is providing free sanitizing gel to ward off the flu and reminding people to get their flu shots (and to remind a friend to get one as well). It is just that touch of kindness that makes you want to donate when the trucks are there and the doors for donations are open (call ahead if you want to make a trip to give over your goodies - they don't accept donations all the time).

While the selection here is not as large as my previous favorite haunt, Value Village, or as well maintained, there are gems to be found here, and find them I do. Value Village has become far too overpriced for my blood ( when you could buy it new at Ross for less, there is something wrong). I am happy to report that I can stay within the zip code and still get my cheap shopping jollies on.

Salvation Army
422 S 3rd St, Renton, WA
(425) 255-0171
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