Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uwajimaya Opens it's doors today

Renton Village Shopping Center has a new shingle added to their line-up of stores - Uwajimaya. Today at 9 am the doors will open and a new era of grocery shopping will begin in what used to be the local Thriftway market. Uwajimaya is a specialty Asian grocery store that provides fresh produce and specializes in fresh seafood and meat . Their flagship store in Seattle is a mecca for many a shopper looking for anything from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian - you name it, food provisions. Prices at that store are reasonable, staff courteous and store well maintained.

I tried to get a few shots in for you, being the intrepid Picaroon poster that I am, but the staff were hesitant to let me show you anything. The place was semi-full of produce and stocked shelves, but it was obvious that a lot more had to be done to make it to the 9 am deadline. But what I did observe looked good. They will have a weekly flyer with store specials, brightly colored and tasty in content. I can hardly wait.

What I was able to report on was the Human Resources Director, with over 20 years work history with Uwajimaya in Seattle, out slinging hamburgers on a grill to feed the workers going all out to meet the looming opening deadline.
I really like a place that looks after the welfare of it's workers. Bonus points already for our newest store addition. I think that if you work in the food industry, it should go without saying that you feed your employees. They are the back off of which you make your income and your best frontline media representatives. If they are happy, so will the customers they are serving. Can you tell that I thought the burgers looked yummy?

Head on over today and see what is new in the way of food in Renton.

Uwajimaya Renton Village Shopping Center 501 S. Grady Way
Regular store hours Monday - Saturday 7am-10pm Sunday 9am-9pm
Grand Opening Ceremony July 15, 2009
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