Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fire in Renton - additional photos

This evening, when I flew out of the house like a bat out of hell to go to the site of the second 4 Alarm Fire to rock our city of Renton, I was determined to get some photos and information.These are taken from the park behind Highlands Elementary School on Harrington in the Renton Highlands/Sunset Hills area this evening.

This is the Harrington Square Complex of apartments/condominiums that was just halfway through completion and said to be viewed as a great new addition to the Highlands area. Retail space was going to be available for rent on the street level.

As you can see, this was taken earlier on during the fire and the entire block on this side seems to be engulfed in flames.

So far, there seems to have been no injuries reported from the fire, but a police officer directing traffic was it by a motorist. It seems the vehicle then hit another police car and other officers wrestled the driver out of the car and to the ground. View report on this news here. Hopefully, that will be the only injuries related to this fire that need be reported.
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allaboutrenton said...

When I saw this on the news last night I knew you would be there. Your shots are better then the ones they showed on the news. All they had were blurry images from cell phones, take that traditional media outlets. Blogs Rule...

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