Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let me take you to the Market - week 5

This week's Let Me Take you to the Market was slightly preempted by the column of orange fire and billowing smoke yesterday evening in the Renton Highlands. So, let me catch you up on the lighter side of Renton. These lush strawberries are from Spooner Farms and went home to make the necessary component in Strawberry Shortcake. I make my own, but smart Spooner Farms had some homemade right there next to the strawberries for you to take home yourself.

Ah, Independence Day is almost here and the entire Piazza was sporting patriotic colors.

Kristi Walker and wee daughter Annie Joy were both fascinated with berries. Kristi with how happy Annie was to eat them, Annie with how deliciously messy the berries were. That's a whole flat of berries for little Annie to work her way through - and I wish I were giving her some help.

Have you ever met a Beekeeper? Go to the Farmer's Market next week and you will if you stop and buy some honey from Mathias Reinhardt. This man is passionate about his honey - he has 420 hives in Skyway, Covington, Aubrun and Enumclaw and this is still, just a hobby for him.

Flowers. Farmers Market. Buy some.

Trevani Truffles - handmade by Annie Boyington of North Renton. Chocolate heaven - need I say more?

Hayton Farms berries are a Farmers Market favorite. They often sell out - that's just how good they are. Here is the ever friendly Scott with all the berries you will ever need - until next week, that is.

Yellow wax bean from Magana Farms out of Yakima.

Cherries from Lyall Farm - shown with great pride by Jessica (left) and Joannie (right). I don't want to sound biased, but my Mom has bought cherries from these gals for the last 3 weeks. They hail from Mattawa,Wa and the grow a really good cherry over there. The proof is in the tasting - so go and try.

Fresh produce - sunshine - open air. You should be here.

Tacoma Banjo Band - 14 members, 10 banjos and some great old tunes and singing. This was really good. They drew a very good crowd.

The fact that we have dancing at the Market just makes my day every week. How can you not smile at a view like this?

Everyone gets into the spirit at the Market - just look at Brian Larson, Master of Ceremonies.

Happy Early Fourth of July !!

Renton Farmers Market Tuesday 3 - 7pm
The Piazza at S. Third Street and Burnett
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