Friday, July 10, 2009

RUFF ing it- Renton Offleash Dog Park still has some anticipated "fine tuning"

The Cedar River Dog Park is up and going, but there are plans for a little more fine tuning that I wanted to share with you. Debbie Englund, one of the major forces behind the park and RUFF, says it so well - I will let her do the explaining today.

Thank you for keeping the dog park in the news. Our dear Alex, who is our grand builder, (you can see him and his two dogs on the front page of our website here) has been on a well deserved
vacation and once he gets back, he'll get started in building that kiosk for us.

We've had lots of requests:

1. People want shade! It's hot there. We have a meeting next Thursday at the Renton Community Center and that'll be one of the first things we try to work out. We can't have "permanent" structures so we're looking into some other options.

2. Lots of folks want an entry at the other end. We'll discuss that one too. There's a spot for one that makes perfect sense so maybe we can get going on that soon, depending on our volunteer situation.

3. Everyone wants the water to be hooked up soon. The City is working on that, hopefully within a week or two we'll have a spigot so our backs don't continually ache from hauling in jugs of water.

4. There are the crabbies that want us to go away. We ruined their "private dog park" and they're angry about it. I guess they felt OK with breaking the law and allowing their dogs to run around unleashed. I always felt guilty and nervous about it. Especially down there where there are joggers and bicyclists for pups to chase after.

I'll happily keep you posted on what's going on in the new park. It's a hoot.

Thanks, Debbie - we would love to be kept in the "loop" here at the Picarron.


Calvin said...

No kidding about the crabbies! They fail to grasp the fact that the city owns the land and could have easily turned it into something else a lot less dog-friendly, like a soccer field or condos. If they want a solitary, free range experience for their dogs (or themselves, more likely), then I suggest they invest in some property of their own. However, we're more than happy to welcome such detractors into the dog park with open paws, but they (the people) might consider hanging out in the shy dog area at first, until they're properly socialized.

Nice work, Debbie!

Lady P said...

Calvin - my a"paws" goes out to you - let the naysayers come and play, they can be trained!!

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