Friday, July 10, 2009

Renton Blog, I blog about Renton, blogging, blogger, shoot me a Renton glance will ya!!

Okay - so here's the story. I am at a meeting with other local Renton bloggers and users of Social Media at the Renton Historical Museum and a PR guy in the realm of corporate communications is also there, wild fingers flying on the Blackberry as we introduce ourselves to one another. Eric Berto aka GeekGiant, writer also of a techie blog, quickly types in Renton and Blog into the search engine he is using and my blog, The Picaroon, is no where to be found. Just a listing for some guy writing occasionally about real estate and Renton, and then something from the Seattlest(??) from 2006. WTF?

Luckily, Eric is highly approachable and I corner him, hit him with my ubiquitous Picaroon business card and ask him what I need to do to remedy this - like, NOW. I am still on a huge learning curve here in the blogosphere, so when he is telling me about the meta tags and the hypertext links, I am sorta there and racking my brain as to where I am still going wrong. But I am thinking - okay, go home, do your research, hit him up with that email he said you could send, see what you can do.

So, here it is - a shameless bit of self promotion in the world of BLOGS. I exist, I write, I write about Renton. I promise that in the weeks and months to come, I will make this process of finding me and this fine Renton Blog easier. I strive to try to bring home the Renton bacon to all of you. Or, at least, just my small slice of Renton life and a keen view from my home frying pan.

Ah, hey Eric - I hope you don't mind man - just trying to use the great tips you gave me and put them to good use.

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Rich said...

You're number 2 on a google search of "Renton BloggER"! That's got to count for something!

Lady P said...

Ahhh - thank you, I had no idea - and you are great to have on my side!!

Anonymous said...

I googled "Blog about Renton" and found you the first time and every time I have looked. Thanks Lady P! Barbara

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