Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lost dog gets found

Happy endings aren't always the easiest to find where lost pets are concerned. This past week, exactly to the day in fact, has been an amazing odyssey of discovering the side of dog ownership that no one would want to experience. What do you do if your pet goes missing? My exception was that I was doing it in reverse - what do you do to reunite a pet with the true owner.

Minutes ago, while the found dog above (whom I had come to call "Peach" during our time together) and I were out on the lawn, her owners looked out of their car window and found their missing dog. The daughter with down syndrome was the first out of the car, and the spontaneous reaction between her loving call and the dog's wagging tail told me all I needed to know, really. Oh, I put the Mother and other daughter through a string of well prepared questions, all of which were answered to my satisfaction. The biggest sign was how this once timid and shaky girl became a bouncing, happy dog with kisses for everyone. The owners turned out to be North Renton neighbors who have been driving the streets daily to look for the dog, but had not come down as far as they did today to take a look.
Kismet. Finally.

"Peach" gave me a few good bye kisses and I told the neighbors that I wanted a promise for a tag on the little girl and that I would drop by to visit soon. I know I will be seeing her again - I have a strange feeling that her owners are the family that runs the lovely Mexican provisions store on Wells. And there is the offer of a future puppy from the next litter. Maybe I will be a Chihuahua owner.


Rich said...

Yippee!! Great news and thanks for sharing. But when you live in North Renton, there's always great news to share! Like the Block Party this Saturday on the 300 Blocks of Wells and Pelly Avenues North at noon!

Lady P, thanks for keeping Peach safe!!

Lady P said...

Ummm - yes, I was just thinking about putting up a little positng about that block party - thanks for putting it directly on my radar! And, let me chime in there - of course the news is GrEaT - because the neighborhood ROCKS!
Go North Renton!!

happydelusions said...

This makes me soooo happy. You did a wonderful thing Lady P. Thank you for your dedication to Renton and all it's creatures great and small.

Day said...

Wonderful news! I have a chihuahua myself and was hoping and prayer that the little girls owner would find her!

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