Friday, July 17, 2009

New Business Day at the Picaroon

Welcome new business owner Jenna Shannon Garvey to the DTR, folks! Once a hardworking and well liked soul at what was previously known as Finnegan's Irish Pub, owner JP sold the concern to Jenna a couple of weeks ago and she has been working extremely long hours to get the doors open (9 days ago) and the mojo flowing ever since. Jenna and her boyfriend, Pat, are in on this project together and really excited. I was there last night and a pool table being built, a game being held in the bar and a totally new menu and compliment of cooks working in the kitchen.

The hope is to get a license that allows kids in until 8/9 pm and to work on getting people in for their Weekend Breakfast. The outside will also be painted to look like an old time Irish building. This could be fun, kids! Go down and lend a little support - buy a drink and check it out.

A Terrible Beauty Irish Pub
201 Williams Ave S

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PersonOfInterest said...

I wish I could look at things as positively as you! I just see another paradise for power drinkers. Maybe having kids around will change the overall image a bit though.

Lady P said...

I don't drink much, but friends of mine do! and Jenna is an ace gal - so I think *finally* this place is in the right hands!

Anonymous said...

How many times is this place going to change hands? Maybe an Irish Pub isn't the right business for this location!

Lady P said...

I guess time will tell on that observation - maybe, maybe not
Hopefully this time it works

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