Thursday, July 16, 2009

Caddy Cool

Original spray paint job - "rattle canned" to perfection. This Caddy is owned by Mike and Crystal Roberts.

Mike has had many people ask the question "How did you get this texture on here?" It looks that good and the details (cobwebs) are very sweet.

The car sat in front of the Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes during the Return to Renton Car Show this last Sunday. And since Crystal works there during the week, this made perfect sense.

The back of the car has some awesome features as well = check out the license plate frame- fangs!

Don't put your kids in the back without supervision, folks - they might make off with Dad's rad skateboard collection.

The continuing SAGA of the Return to Renton Car Show last Sunday that I am still salivating over 4 days later. Vintage Cars - luv em!
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Anonymous said...

Crystal was born to ride in this car.

Anonymous said...

Looking good Crystal and by the way you gotta love a car that has a trunk big enough to fit multiple bodies in...

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