Friday, July 17, 2009

New business Day at The Picaroon - Tuscany Coffee

For two days, this beloved neighborhood coffee stop was a mystery to most. One day a Tully's, the next day closed. But the entire time it was actually in the competent hands of the Kim family, who have been in the market for just such a shop for the last year. That is how Tuscany Coffee, a family run and independent coffee spot was born.

Duk Kim, the owner and his daughter, Soy, are the muscle behind this friendly place that offers a full compliment of pastries and breakfast sandwiches, and features fresh daily donuts that Mr. Kim picks up himself from a baker friend prior to opening at 5 am each day. Another member of the team, a Brooklynite with Starbucks background named Eve, will be joining shortly to help Soy manage things. Until then, the whole family is working a full compliment of hours and have hired barristas, all who have been trained at Tully's, to serve the coffee that has always been available at this spot.

Soy explained that unlike a big corporation, their profit margin needs are quite different than Tully's, so they have no problem envisioning this business working out for them.Tully's simply did not want to renew their lease and the Kim's were ready to take it up in their place. The hardest part so far was trying to explain to the old customers that they still had good Tully's coffee to serve to them and that the prior staff were Tully's staff and that was why they choose not to stay.

For the Kims, this is their first coffee concern, but the family had many years experience running a sub shop that featured a small complement of espresso drinks before the parents decided to retire 6 years ago. The shop was initially intended for their son, but plans changed and soon Duk Kim was fully out of retirement once again. Hopes are to get him working fewer hours soon. Thank goodness he does well with the early shift (5am? ugh)

A flyer with some coupons will be coming out today or the next, so look forward to sampling the Tuscany Coffee wares with a free extra coffee or pastry. Soy welcomes groups to drop by and use the very comfortable space they have and try their wonderful Summer Special - a soft vanilla/chocolate swirl nonfat soft yogurt cone for A DOLLAR. I love Summer.

Tuscany Coffee
64 Rainier Ave South
M- Fr 5am - 5 pm, Sat 7am - 4pm, Sun 8am - 3pm


Feathered Nest said...

Will have to stop by. Love the ice cream special.....I had to drive through McDonald's yesterday for a cone.

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