Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wander in to the Whistle Stop

Great weather makes you seek out places where you can enjoy the sun, should it shine AND find a decent bit of grub and beer. The Whistle Stop Ale House is just such a friendly, neighborhood place which is family pub, so kids are welcome. I love the plants and seating area off to the side of the Whistle Stop. It has the feeling of a small garden and a place where you can watch a bit of Renton pass you by, without too much noise or distraction.

The long copper topped bar inside is to die for and so are the 15 or so "on tap" beer selections. There is always something on Nitro and a couple of casks open as well, which is impressive. After the Dog and Pony, this IS the local place to come to get a good brew. The difference here is that you could bring in the under aged with you while you indulge. That definitely has it's advantages. Disadvantage is when you want to escape out to the pub on your own, now you have no excuse to go alone. Kiddie duty can prevail.

To make up for the fact that you now might find yourself drinking in the company of your family, the Whistle Stop offers a "Kids Eat Free" Night on Mondays. It's a great idea and looks like a menu I myself would happily partake in. Yum.

Weekends offer a wonderful breakfast experience on Saturdays and Sundays from 9am till noon. I think this is probably my favorite meal time at the Whistle Stop. Plus, if you had a hard night out the evening before, why you can have a little "hair of the dog" with your meal. Many of my compatriots last Sunday were doing exactly that. Makes it easier to see them at those early-for-them hours of the morning.

Whistle Stop Ale House
809 S. 4th Street Renton, WA 98057

(425) 277 - 3039
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