Friday, July 24, 2009

I am now a fan - Starstruck

First act on the music stage today - and they knocked Renton's little ole socks off. Teen band, Starstruck (can you believe they are only in Middle School!) were good. Booked solid every weekend for the entire summer, this band has played The Taste of Tacoma and clubs in the Seattle area. Just cuz they are younger than the other bands, means they get those early show slots - which is too bad, because with at least 4 original songs, a CD out for purchase and a really good sound, a lot of people missed out on what was my favorite discovery of the afternoon at Renton River Days - today.

Other bands this usually all girl band (today the lead guitarist was a "guy" filling in) like: Paramore, Nirvana, Pat Benetar. Ahhhh to be young again. Bookings Call:253-223-7724


Anonymous said...

They absolutely Rocked!! Great day at River Days today. You didn't stop by the booth, so I hope I see you tomorrow there, or at the parade!!

Anonymous said...

Great name for a band! Moonstruck also comes to mind....

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